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"How to Franchise Your Business"

Aired August 9, 2017

Do you know how franchisees and franchisors can grow in this economy? Do you think your business is unique? Are your friends, family--and, more important, your customers--telling you every day that you should franchise your business? They may be right.
But are you sure you really know what franchising is all about? Is your concept really "franchiseable"? How does one go about franchising? What does it cost? And do you have the skills necessary to become a successful franchisor?
In this presentation, Mark will answer these questions so that you will have a better understanding of franchising as an expansion strategy. While it's not the right strategy for everyone, theres's nary a strategy that provides the explosive business growth and support potential that franchising affords.

"California Competes Tax Credits for Your Business"

Aired July 11, 2017

This is an encore presentation of the GO-Biz Workshop: California Competes Tax Credits for Business with featured presenter Scott Dosick. Did you know the state of California is offering over $200 million in tax credits this year to business owners willing to add just one job? This unprecedented program is free and available to businesses of all sizes, in any city in California. Since Governor Brown created the program in 2014, almost 700 California business owners have claimed $492.5 million in tax credits and plan on creating over 70,000 jobs. Last year alone, businesses were awarded roughly $220 million and over 30% of the businesses that applied were approved for tax credits anywhere between $20,000 and $10,000,000. The 100% online application is easy to fill out. Join senior officials from the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) for a free one hour business development presentation in your area and get customized guidance on how to apply for this tax credit program. The next application period begins July 24, 2017. Don’t leave money on the table! Let us help you save money and take your business to the next level.

"Facebook Ads: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"

Aired May 31, 2017

Learn small business tricks or effective Facebook Ads... Christie Osborne, our social media guru has returned to the webinar stage! In this webinar she shares with you what separates the good from the bad when it comes to Facebook Ads. Listen to her explain several keys to killing it on Facebook like:
- Setting up Facebook Ads that work
- How to fully optimize your ads for maximum results
- Converting clients and measuring success
- Analysis and how to crush it in your next campaign

"Marketing in the Digital Age"

Aired May 10, 2017

The buzz about social media versus more traditional marketing tactics can leave small business owners scratching their heads. Combining both tools can provide a stronger edge in a competitive marketplace. Hear from our veteran marketing and public relations expert consultant, Maureen Buscher-Dang, and our SBDC Associate Marketing consultant, Claudia Belda, as they discuss some great marketing tactics and suggestions for your business!

"Selling to Government & Corporate Buyers - Get the Cheese Avoid the Traps"

Aired April 19, 2017

Discover how to get your business in touch with the higher ups...
Noted author, Vernita Naylor, visits Webinarland to present opportunities most small businesses are missing out on -- selling to the government and larger corporate buyers. Check out this overview of government contracting and find that huge customer!

"The Lean Canvas & Your Search for a Business Model"

Aired April 12, 2017

The canvas has been described as the better business plan in assisting start up businesses to identify their business model. In this webinar, we review the canvas and discuss successful clients that have used it.

"Financial Tools for Your Business: Does Your Business Need a Financial Check-up?"

Aired April 5, 2017

Learn about financial tools that could improve your business...
It's tax time, the time we all analyze our results for the past year. Your numbers can tell you what is working in your business and what is not. Check out this webinar and learn the incredible resources we have at the SBDC that can get numbers in shape!

"QuickBooks for Your Desktop - Intermediate Level Tip & Tricks"

Aired March 22, 2017

Are your QuickBooks up & running? Learn tips & tricks to make your financial tracking more efficient. This webinar will cover: tracking 1099 vendors, running financial reports, cleaning up your accounts and class tracking.

"Cottage Food Law : Trending Topics"

Aired Sept 28, 2016

Is California moving toward a food sharing economy? Legislation has been introduced to make everything legal that comes out of a home based kitchen. What do you need to know about this movement that could change food service as we know it?
Donna Fenton, head of the Kern County Environmental Health Department joins us to dish out an smorgasbord of possibilities on what could be opportunities for crafty foodpreneurs and likely headaches for her and staff.

"Social Media for your Business - 15 Mins a Day "

Aired June 8, 2016

Christie Osborne, our social media expert will show you the tips and tricks on maintaining your social media to engage the audience you want or deserve on just 15 minutes a day. Get the "ins" and "outs" of social media marketing for your business in a fraction of the time.

"Understand Quickbooks"

Aired May 25, 2016

Our expert Quickbooks Pro Advisor will teach you what it takes to get you up and running. From setting up your company to managing your chart of accounts. This webinar will cover accounting basics and beyond such as: receiving payments, analyzing financial data, and so much more.

"Energy Efficiency Programs for Small Business"

Aired Feb 24, 2016

Join our energy efficiency experts and learn of the incentives, grants and loan programs available to small business owners. Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) will discuss programs available to PG&E customers. Megan Porter will bring the incentives you need to know about. Also joining will be Keith Brice of Mid State Development Corp. He will discuss SBA loan programs for energy related improvements.

"Harvesting Intangible Assets"

Aired Jan 27, 2016

Whether you call it "harvesting intangible assets" or "intellectual property management," organizations must make the most of everything they have to offer if they want to remain competitive. Yet, the majority of companies are oblivious to the wealth of revenue-producing opportunities hiding just below the strategic surface. In this thought-provoking webinar, attorney and author Andrew J. Sherman shares insights and expertise gleaned from his work with some of the world's leading companies who have capitalized on intellectual assets such as patents, trademarks, customer information, software codes, databases, business models, home-grown processes, and employee expertise.

"Equity Crowdfunding"

Aired Dec 9, 2015

Crowdfunding is an evolving method of raising cash over the Internet. It most commonly has been used with reward websites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo and features product or other rewards for a contribution. It has generally not been used to offer and sell securities. That is about to change. New final regulations proposed by the SEC will allow an exemption that will allow small businesses to offer and sell equity or ownership of their business online through a third party. It does so by creating a new entity – a funding portal – and allows these platforms to facilitate the offer and sale of securities. Join CSU Bakersfield SBDC Director Kelly Bearden and learn how this game changing access to capital can benefit your small business and how the SBDC is poised to assist your business capitalize on these new law changes. Visit www.csub.edu/sbdc for more information on getting your business started. Presenter: Kelly Bearden, Director CSUB SBDC

"Valuation of a Closely Held Business"

Aired Sept 30, 2015

There are several reasons why a business owner needs to know the valuation of his or her business. Feasibility, purchase or sale of the business, succession planning, estate execution, investor changes, legal action such divorce or partnership dispute or simple curiosity. Watch to learn how to value your business or to have an appropriate SBDC consultant to assist you. Presenter: Peter Pappas For more information on no-cost business consulting call the CSU Bakersfield Small Business Development Center 661-654-2856 or visit www.csub.edu/sbdc

"One Page Business Plan"

Aired August 26, 2015

We try to take the pain out of business planning with a webinar designed to simplify the process. The One Page Business Plan is an innovative approach to business planning that captures the essence of any business on a single page using key words and short phrases. Presenter: Bob Kramer

"Attracting Angel Investing"

Aired July 29, 2015

Angel investor networks are a great viable funding options for many many start up and growing businesses. Is it right for you? Learn key fundamentals to enhance your chance for success. Presenter: Mysty Rusk

"Persuasive Budgeting"

Aired May 13, 2015

Everybody needs a good financial plan and a solid, workable budget is a great place to start. Persuasive budgeting is the practice of power budgeting to obtain results.Our expert Wayne Cottrell teaches the budgeting musts!

"How to get Google to love you and customers to find you"

Aired Apr 29, 2015

Search Engine Optimization! Christie Osborne specializes in online and digital marketing with a passion for search engine optimization, advertising ROI and helping her clients get found online. Whether it's the web, email or social media outlets, Christie will help you turn online traffic and leads into paying customers and clients.

Capital Connectors Business Forum Webinar

Aired Apr 01, 2015

Whether you are a start-up, are already operating successfully and looking to expand, have a business or product that could use financial backing or just have a fantastic idea, the Capital Connectors Venture Forum is an excellent opportunity for you and your business to reach the next level. Capital Connectors Venture Forum will bring together companies from all over to present their business/ideas to our great team of local investors who have pioneered new trends and technologies on their real life journeys to success. All are welcome to submit their plan through the web. Capital Connectors Venture Forum (presented by WorkLogic HR) is the premier event where start-ups and early stage companies will be given the opportunity to pitch their business/ideas to a panel of local business owners/investors for a chance to acquire both Capital and business Connections in exchange for an equity stake much like the hit television show "Shark Tank." In addition to providing a forum for as many as 25 presenting companies, the event will feature expert panel discussions and a workshop for presenters. All will occur on June 4, 2015.

Solarize Kern County- Business Webinar

Aired Mar 18, 2015

Small businesses and homeowners will soon have a simpler, more affordable option for going solar, thanks to innovative, group-purchasing program. The Kern Economic Development Foundation has partnered with the Community Environmental Council to launch Solarize Kern County, which offers discounted, group-purchase pricing for solar panels from vetted, local installers. Presenter: Jefferson Litten, CEC's Solarize Program Manager Moderator: Richard Chapman, President & CEO Kern EDC

Hiring Success -5 Critical Steps to Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

Aired Nov 19, 2014

This webinar will focus on the 5 critical steps you must nail to hire "A- players" right off the bat. Learn how to avoid your biggest fear: staff delivering sub-par work that makes YOU look bad! Learn the tips to shave hours off the hiring process and get better results.

Crowdfunding, an Update

Aired October 15, 2014

The CSU Bakersfield SBDC continues to assist clients capitalize their business with the latest alternative funding sources. Get the latest scoop on reward/donation, debt and equity Crowdfunding platforms and funding opportunities for small business projects. The latest tips, strategies and regulations are presented to make your Crowdfunding project a success.

Traditional & Social Media Marketing

Aired Sept 17, 2014

The buzz about social media versus more traditional marketing tactics can leave small business owners scratching their heads. Combining both tools can provide a stronger edge in a competitive marketplace. Presenters will be Maureen Buscher-Dang, veteran marketing and public relations professional, and Carlin Jones, social media expert. They will discuss and give examples of how to evaluate and effectively utilize traditional and social media marketing strategies.







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