Roadrunner Parents Association

The Roadrunner Parents Association strives to promote community engagement and increasing the awareness and attainment of higher education in Kern County. The Roadrunner Parents Association is a dynamic organization dedicated to keeping parents involved in their student’s education, and to supporting programs and services that promote college and financial aid awareness. We welcome your active participation and invite you to join us in promoting student success!

At CSUB, we recognize that parent involvement plays a key role in the success of our students. Membership in the Roadrunner Parents Association will make it easy and convenient for you to stay involved and keep in touch with what’s going on at the university. You will receive quarterly university updates, information about opportunities available to your student, and invitations to exciting activities and events. And through the years, whenever you have questions or concerns, you will have a knowledgeable, personal contact on campus who will be there for you.