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Fitness Workshops and Competitions

Thank you for participating in our Virtual Programming during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. We enjoyed connecting with so many of you during the Fitness Challenges, Virtual 5k, Weightlifting Workshop, and Healthy Eating Workshop. Stay tuned for new fitness programs and events.

 Programming will resume August 2021

Past Fitness Workshops and Competitions 

Fitness Challenge 1  

Be part of an active CSUB Community! The CSUB Wellness Fall Fitness Challenge is a program being offered for students, faculty, and staff. Challenge yourself to see how much time you can accumulate with exercise, physical activity, and movement. Each week, we will provide tips to stay active, learn something new, and have fun. We know this will be a unique semester, so our goal is to build and maintain an active community, virtually. Success will be measured quantitively by the number of participants, but more focused on the qualitative information received each week (how participants felt after working out, likelihood of working out again the same week, and notes/comments)

Virtual 5k Walk & Run

The purpose of this first ever 5k (virtual) event is the bring the SRC and CSUB Community together with fitness. Running, or even walking, a 5k can be intimidating, but we’re here to help participants achieve success, feeling like they’re supported whether near or far. The event will take place at participants’ own pace throughout the week, allowing it to be completed over the course of one day or many days. Participants can submit a screenshot of data from an app used while doing their exercise. Incentive prizes will be provided to participants in a variety of categories including fastest time, most improved, best effort, and most creative outfit.

Weightlifting Workshop  

Learn the basics of weightlifting during our Zoom session with Tyler Moffit! Sit back, relax, and take notes, ask questions, or take the opportunity to participate and join in! Ask our trusty staff for any help or ask any questions during (or after) our session. Whether or not you have equipment at home, but want some quick tips or help to get started, join us, or watch it later. Our goal is to encourage at-home fitness, but also to educate those with access to weights who are unsure of proper techniques.

 Healthy Eating Workshop 

The food you eat is as important as exercise when it comes to fitness and health. Come join our Zoom Session on Healthy Eating and learn the basics of nutrition with (name)! Learn a quick, healthy recipe with us and get the opportunity to sit back and take notes, or join in so we can see how you're doing! If you want any tips or helps on the basics of nutrition or cooking, come join us and feel free to ask questions.

Fitness Orienation

New to the SRC or looking to increase your knowledge of our equipment? Join us for a 30-minute orientation to learn:
- Names and purposes of select machines
- How to adjust weights and settings on equipment
- Basic form and function of exercises

Indoor Triathlon 

 No experience? No worries! All skill levels are welcome to participate! Every participant receives a prize.

Put yourself to the test to see how far you
can travel in:
- 15 minutes of rowing
- 20 minutes of biking
- 15 minutes of running/walking

Fitness and Wellness Expo 

Start your semester off fit and well. Dress in workout attire and try out some of our newest equipment. We’ll have stations on the Fit Floor and upstairs in the HIIT Loft, as well as information about our Wellness Workshops. Obtain a passport and visit all of the tables for a chance to win a raffle or prize. 

Deadlift Workshop    

Work on the technique and fundamentals of deadlifting. Teaches participant how to safely deadlift and how they can improve on their lift, as well as introducing the participants to new ways of deadlifting. This workshop will also demonstrate how the participants will need to complete lifts in the strong runner competition.

a) Deadlift
b) Romanian Deadlift (dumbbells/bar)
c) Equipment needed: platform and weights
d) Staff: Personal Trainer or Fitness Advisor

Bench Press Workshop      

This is the final workshop before the competition. This will teach participants how to safely and properly perform bench press. This workshop will also show participants how to do different variations of the bench press. This workshop will also demonstrate how the participants will need to complete lifts in the strong runner competition.

a) Bench Press (dumbbells/bar)
b) Incline Press (dumbbells/bar)
c) Decline Press (dumbbells/bar)
d) Equipment needed: Bench and weights
e) Staff: Personal Trainer or Fitness Advisor

Squat Workshop      

This workshop will teach participants how to safely and properly perform squats. This workshop will also show participants how to do different variations of squats. This workshop will also demonstrate how the participants will need to complete lifts in the strong runner competition.

a) Work on the fundamentals of squatting
b) Practice how to safely squat and improve your form
c) Squat using multiple pieces of equipment
d) Demonstration of lifting technique for the upcoming Strong Runner Competition 

Synrgy360 Grand Opening    

SRC Fit Floor Welcoming the Synrgy360 to our Fit Floor! Check out different stations, attachments, and exercises that you can do on and around this piece of equipment.

Focus on Your Fitness      

A healthy body means a healthy mind. Come to participate in a HIIT workout and learn the benefits of this fitness trend. Learn how high-intensity interval training can have positive benefits for your fitness and wellness.