Challenge Program + Team Building

Challenge Program Benefits

  • Group Bonding through Fun and Exciting Activities
  • Develop Strategies for Improved Communication.
  • Help Teams Develop Critical Thinking Skills and Improve Performance.
  • Assist in the Formation of Effective Leadership Skills.
  • Discover and Strengthen Group Identity Through Shared Experience.
  •  Identify and Recognize the Diverse Contributions of all Members of a Group.

Challenge Program Philosophy

Working as a team is a dynamic learning process. Every group has a unique experience progressing through the stages of group development.  The Challenge Program directly engages groups in an experiential learning “laboratory” in order to:

  • Provide groups the opportunity for empowerment and significant growth.
  • Customize programs to assist groups reach their unique goals through an experiential learning opportunity.
  • Serve as a creative tool to enhance team building, leadership, communication, trust, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Prepare team members to serve as effective leaders in a variety of situations and with diverse teams,
  • Push boundaries to discover personal achievement.

Facilitators debrief the initiatives, focusing on the transfer of newly discovered principles, skills, and habits that will lead to improved performance in the real world.

Program Options and Price Scale

The CSU Bakersfield Challenge Program can be provided at a place of business, at the Student Recreation Center, indoors and outdoors.

Minimum of 8 participants

2.5 Hour

4 Hour

CSUB Students/Organizations  (8+ participants $10pp)



CSUB Faculty/Staff/Departments (8+ participants $12pp)



Non-Profit/Community (8+ participants $15 pp)



Corporate (8+ participants $ 20 pp)



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Challenge Program