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"Paralegal" Program

For many years, here at CSUB, what is commonly referred to as education for paralegals was the Attorney Assistant certificate offered by Extended University.  The program was in operation for over two decades and had a history of filling an important workforce and career demand in the community.  The need to manage the costs of legal services is a primary reason why nearly all attorneys -- both those in large firms as well as partnerships and single practitioners -- employ paralegals to do much of the work that does not require direct representation of the client.  Over the years some individuals started in the Attorney Assistant program and then transferred to the B.A. in Political Science, Pre-Law Concentration.  Some of the Attorney Assistant credits could be counted toward the B.A. in Political Science.  Individuals most interested in para-legal education and careers, or even just individual courses such as those in worker's compensation law, should consult with the Pre-Law Advisor and ask about the new Certificate in Pre-Law, which is housed in the Philosophy Department.  A majority of the courses in the Certificate are in the Political Science major.