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Is a non-ABA Law School right for you?

Individuals have reasons for choosing a non-ABA law school even if they have the grades, test scores, and record of service to be admitted to an ABA law school.  Among the reasons for preferring a non-ABA school are inability to move or commute because of job and/or family obligations, costs, or lack of desire to be in the more competitive ABA law school environment.  There are two other types of laws schools in California.  These are State Bar schools and unaccredited law schools.  Both operate under a few restrictions not applied to ABA schools in order to protect students attending those schools from being provided a degree that does not predict success on the State Bar exam.  However, many of the alternative schools, especially the State Bar schools with a long history, are excellent alternatives for many applicants.  Moreover, many State Bar law school graduates, i.e. those who persisted through four years of night and part-time coursework, do just as well on the State Bar exam as the median students of ABA law schools.  The State Bar website provides information on all the law schools in the State.