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  • Dr. Steve Campagna-Pinto (Religious Studies) received a grant to study at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. and attended a faculty seminar on “Racial Theory and Practice in Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow South.”
  • Dr. Michael Burroughs (Philosophy) received the 2017/2018 CSUB Promising New Faculty Award.  Dr. Burroughs attended the Prindle Institute Applied Epistemology Retreat and Workshop at DePauw University (June 17-23, 2018), and   also served as Co-Director of the 3-day (July 23-25) Social-Emotional, Ethics, and Democratic Education (SEEDE) Institute which featured interactive sessions for local K-4 educators on topics in ethics education, social-emotional learning (SEL), and democratic pedagogy.
  • Dr. Steven Gamboa (Philosophy) presented his research “Google-car’s Extended Mind” on the cognitive architecture of autonomous vehicles at the CSUB Faculty Research Poster Presentation (April 6).
  • Dr. Debra Jackson (Philosophy) was recognized as a 2017/2018 Outstanding Faculty Advisor at CSUB, participated in the NEH Summer Institute on Diverse Philosophical Approaches to Sexual Violence at Elon University (June 18-30, 2017), and attended the Prindle Institute Applied Epistemology Retreat and Workshop at DePauw University (June 17-23, 2018).
  • Dr. Jackie Kegley (Philosophy) received an Award of Appreciation for her decades of service to CSUB students from the Helen Hawk Honors Program and CSUB’s Alpha Chi CA Iota Chapter.  On August 18, Dr. Kegley presented two papers at the World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing, China.
  • Dr. Paul Newberry (Philosophy) was named Emeritus Professor of Philosophy by CSUB President Horace Mitchell.
  • Dr. Nate Olson (Philosophy) accepted an award from the CSUB Community Engagement Office, in part, for his development of the KIE and Philosophy and Religious Studies Department Ethics Bowl Program.
  • Dr. Senem Saner (Philosophy) was also recognized by the CSUB Community Engagement Office for leading and developing the CSUB Philosophy for Children Program.  Dr. Saner also presented her paper “Nothingness and Finitude: Exploring Existential Themes with Children” to the Karl Jaspers Society of North America at the 92nd Pacific Division meeting of the APA in San Diego on March 30.  Here’s a link to a video of Dr. Saner’s talk:
  • Dr. Tim Vivian (Religious Studies) was named Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies by CSUB President Horace Mitchell.  Dr. Vivian’s latest publications include 11 articles in the recently published two volume Oxford Dictionary of Late Antiquity—the comprehensive reference text for the period of late antiquity (3rd to 8th century).  In October, Dr. Vivian will receive an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in recognition of his work as a scholar, but also for his work as an advocate for inclusion, equality, peace, and justice. 
  • Dr. Jon Young (Religious Studies) conducted research on Sinhalese language Buddhist texts at the Guardian of the Flame collection at Arizona State University.  The palm leaf manuscripts (see image below) date from the 17th-19th centuries.  Their close analysis promises to offer insights into lay Buddhist practice during this period as well as greater understanding of Buddhist healing rituals and medicine. 

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