Religious Studies

Why Major in Religious Studies?

What skills will a degree in religious studies give me?

In religious studies, students acquire skills in reading and analyzing a variety of texts and cultural situations. Contemporary citizens need to know how to live in the whole world, how to approach and understand cultures radically different from their own, and religious studies provides training in how to do this. Religious studies students gain knowledge of a variety of human cultures and, through the cultivation of empathic understanding, learn to listen and appreciate the differences in and between people.

Can I get a job with a degree in religious studies?

Religious studies majors have gone into careers in a variety of fields that require creative thinking, subtle analysis, and strong written and oral communication skills. Graduates from CSUB have obtained positions in journalism, publishing, international business, teaching, social work, marketing and human relations. These are just a few of the career options open to religious studies majors.

What about other occupations?

The skills you develop in religious studies can help you reach a variety of goals.

Analytical and strategic thinking skills are needed to become a:

  • policy analyst
  • government researcher
  • probation officer
  • lawyer

Leadership skills are valued in jobs such as:

  • care worker
  • volunteer coordinator
  • trainer and facilitator
  • counselor
  • fundraiser.

Problem-solving skills are required in jobs such as:

  • mediator
  • human rights adviser
  • sales representative
  • professional development

Relationship management and people skills are valued in a:

  • psychologist
  • negotiator
  • project manager
  • human resources manager

What if I want to continue my education?

Many students double major in religious studies in preparation for application to law school or medical school, which look favorably on religious studies as a second major. College and university teaching are possible with further graduate work. A career in psychology is a common option for religious studies majors and usually requires an advanced degree. One can also continue one’s education for work in ministry.

How do I declare a religious studies major?

The first step is to talk with your religious studies faculty. He or she can help you with the declaration process and serve as your primary advisor and mentor.