In May 1987, under the leadership of the Associated Students Inc. (ASI), the student body at California State University, Bakersfield passed a referendum to build a student union facility. The 17,000 square feet facility opened its doors on May 9, 1994 to a campus population of 5,084 students. This was a monumental moment in CSUB’s history and 24 years later our students continue to utilize this student union facility. CSUB has grown by leaps and bounds and now boasts an enrollment of over 10,000 students. As the University heads toward our 50th Anniversary, the students once again have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy at CSUB and expand our student union which is no longer meeting the needs of our campus population.

In August 2016, the CSUB Student Union engaged the firm, Brailsford & Dunlavey, to conduct a Student Union Needs Assessment. B&D developed a plan to understand the interest from students to support a potential renovation and/or expansion of the existing Student Union. Additionally, the plan was intended to determine specific spaces or aspects of the building that should be addressed within a potential renovation and expansion project.

Focus groups with the campus community, user group meetings, and interviews with students were conducted to gain qualitative information regarding the SU. An electronic survey was completed by 1,213 CSUB students to understand how students currently use the SU facility and its services in an effort to quantify demand based programming and future needs.


Discussions with students emphasized the need for additional programming spaces that would improve the operations of the Student Union and the overall campus community. The following were the top programming spaces ranked by importance and demand from the group:

  • Flexible and large event space
  • Meeting/Study Rooms
  • Game Room
  • Auditorium
  • Expanded food service options
  • Outdoor Pool

As technology makes a larger presence and impact on society, patterns have been migrating toward digitalized advertisement. Students expressed an interest in the University providing a design lab for students who are in clubs/organizations to learn graphic design for marketing materials. Design labs would not only provide a service to students, but be a platform for learning new skills that can be used post-graduation.


Panda Express
Student Union Entrance

To address the needs of our students, the University has begun to expand the food service options not only in the Student Union with the additions of Panda Express and Starbucks, but also around campus with the newly renovated all you care to eat Runner Café, Which Wich, and Curbside Food truck.

In order for the Student Union to meet the needs of the students outlined in the Student Union Needs Assessment, we have to expand the current facility. The expansion will include the construction of a two story building which will be connected to the existing SU and an extended front patio/plaza area.

first floor plans

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  • A flexible and large event space will be in the form of a ballroom that will be able to accommodate a capacity of 1450 in theatre/lecture format and 800 in banquet.
  • Game Room large enough to include gaming consoles, computer gaming, and pool tables.
  • Move the CSUB Food Pantry into the Student Union.
  • Food Prep Area to include multiple microwaves.
  • Multiple lounge spaces with soft seating for hanging out in between classes or events.
  • Staircase lounge feature for interacting and socializing (see gallery below).
  • Additional state-of-the-art restrooms.

second floor plans

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  • 12 Conference rooms with a capacity of up to 100 in a theatre/lecture format and 50 in a meeting format.
  • Hallway lined with small study rooms/cubicles for studying, meeting preparation, and/or storage.
  • Club work space with a Media room to collaborate on projects, presentations, and events.
  • A loft feature lounge overlooking the first floor lounge (see gallery below).
  • Additional state-of-the-art restrooms.


Every year, the Student Recreation Center conducts a student satisfaction survey to attain feedback on its services and facilities. For the past two years, over 70% of respondents each year identified a desire for a pool where the students are the priority. Currently, CSUB students have access to the Hillman Aquatic Facility for one hour per day. Based on the survey, this is not meeting the recreation needs of the students. The SRC Aquatic Facility will span 40,000 square feet and include the following amenities:

  • Student recreation pool with lap lanes
  • Concessions area
  • Showers/lockers
  • Pool deck with shaded seating
  • Outdoor event space
  • Operational space

With this facility, the SRC will be able to offer water based Group X classes and Intramurals. Below, in the gallery, are renderings of how the Aquatic Facility could look on our campus.


On January 24, 2018 a group of campus leaders consisting of Dr. Jenny Zorn, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Thomas Wallace, Vice President for Student Affairs; Dr. Randy Schultz, Dean of CSUB Antelope Valley; Ms. Mariela Gomez, ASI President; Ms. Ilaria Pesco, Executive Director for ASI; Mr. Kenneth “Ziggy” Siegfried, Athletic Director; and Mr. EJ Callahan, Director for Student Union and Organizational Governance, met with students on the AV Campus to better understand their experience. In this meeting, the group learned that a majority of the needs were academic related ranging from class time offerings to allowing more seats for AV Campus students in online classes. Although a majority of the needs expressed are outside of the types of opportunities that can be provided through a referendum, the University is actively engaged in seeking solutions. The group focused on the following topics that can be immediately addressed with the passing of the referendum:

  • Upgrade classroom furniture (tables and rolling chairs);
  • Upgrade technology (computer lab, classrooms, ITV classrooms, study rooms);
  • Provide transportation to seven (7) athletic games for 50 passengers or 10% of student population, whichever is greater (each student can bring up to 3 family members);
  • CSUB Athletics will hold 4 preseason athletic games in the Lancaster area annually;
  • This year's graduating class will receive a 2-year non-transferrable pass to attend CSUB athletic events for Free;
  • An increase to the programming budget in consultation with SLAC;
  • A Fall and Spring SRC Outdoor Adventure trip each semester originating from the AV campus.

Also, as a point of information, ASI, your student government, visited CSUB AV in November and held an open forum with SLAC. Some topics that surfaced were a lack of textbooks on Reserve in the Library and the need for childcare. We are currently working on both of these issues and will provide status updates as we receive them.


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  • Kickoff - January 29, 2018
  • Informationals – Feb. 6TH and Feb. 12TH


  • February 21-22, 2018



  • Meet with campus administrators to determine when fee collection would begin. (Anticipate Fall 2018)
  • For the SRC Aquatic Facility begin construction of project immediately.
  • For the SU, once 10% of project has been collected, move on to the next steps. (Anticipate 2.5 years)
  • Meet with campus administrators to send out a Request For Proposals (RFP) for the project.
  • Form committee to review the proposals.
  • Select artichtect and determine project completion time. (Anticipate 1 year for project completion)


  • Status Quo

The current SU was built in 1994 for a student population of 5,000 and is currently 17,000 square feet. We currently have over 10,000 students enrolled and the facility is not meeting the current and future needs of the students.

The current facility will remain intact until completion of the expansion and then it will be renovated.

The expansion will be approximately 80,000 square feet - 40,000 square feet for the Student Union and 40,000 square feet for the SRC Aquatic Facility.

The project will cost approximately 37 million dollars - 27 million dollars for the Student Union and 10 million dollars for the SRC Aquatic Facility. This will be funded with a combination of campus support, fundraising, and student fees.

It will cost roughly $40/semester in the first year and tier up to $160/semester over a four-year period for the SU Expansion. The SRC Aquatic Facility will begin construction immediately upon passing the referendum and will cost roughly $20/semester and will not tier up (see chart below). Currently students, who receive financial aid will have the fee covered without any out-of-pocket expense.

(Per Semester) Student Union Pool Total
Year One $40 $20 $60
Year Two $80 $20 $100
Year Three $120 $20 $140
Year Four and Beyond $160 $20 $180

Yes, the fee increase will be covered by a student's financial aid.

Yes, approximately 80-100 student jobs will be created including student manager positions.

The new SU will enhance the overall quality of the student experience at CSUB. Some of the amenities will include:

  • more study rooms
  • additional lounge space
  • more program space for weekend activities
  • a larger game room
  • additional shaded patio seating

The new SU will be built using the LEED standards with a goal of receiving platinum certification (new.usgbc.org/leed).

Our goal is to have upwards of 40 designated spaces for individual/small group study and additional space will be available through our reservation system.

Yes, there will be a computer lab in the new SU for students to use.

Yes, we know that for the graduating class this project is a part of the legacy they will leave at CSUB. If the referendum passes each student in the Class of 2018 will receive the following:

  • Their name will be placed on a thank you wall, so that anytime they come back to campus in the future they can see it and share it with their family and friends.
  • CSUB Athletics will provide graduating seniors with a 2 year pass for home athletic events for FREE;
  • A non-transferrable pass for ONE Runner Nights in 2018-2019 to be used for either the Fall Carnival or Spring Concert.

Similar to this year’s graduating class, we know that this project is a part of the legacy that many of our students will contribute to CSUB. If the referendum passes, each student who graduates before the project is complete will receive the following benefits:

  • Their name will be placed on a thank you wall, so that anytime they come back to campus, they can see it and share it with their family and friends;
  • You will have access to attend ONE Runner Nights per year (Fall or Spring) for the number of years they paid into the referendum - this is non-transferrable;
  • You will have access to the SRC Aquatic Facility (once it is open) equivalent to the number of semesters they paid into the referendum. If you only pay into the referendum for one semester, then you will receive one semester FREE as an alumni;
  • Your family will also be eligible for a reduced family pass during the summer equivalent to the amount of semesters you paid into the referendum.

The Student Recreation Center conducts a student satisfaction survey to attain feedback on its services and facilities. For the past two years, over 70% of respondents each year identified a desire for a pool where the students are the priority.

The SRC Aquatic Facility will be approximately 40,000 square feet.

The SRC Aquatic Facility will be located in the dirt lot on Kroll Way across the street from the parking lot K2 and next to the SRC Soccer Field.

The SRC Aquatic Facility will have a student recreation pool with lap lanes, concessions area, showers/lockers, pool deck with shaded seating, outdoor event space, and operational space (see gallery).

The SRC will be able to offer water based Group X classes such as Water Zumba and Water Yoga and Intramurals such as Battleship and Life Jacket Water Polo.

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