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Student Responsibility of an Academic Dishonesty Allegation

Alleged violations reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities are processed according to the Student Conduct Procedures of the California State University system. 

The following information below is provided to aid students who may be in violation of the CSUB Student Conduct Code.

Alleged Violations of Academic Integrity-
Student Response and Procedure


 In the event a student is involved in an alleged violation of academic integrity, the following are procedures a student(s) should follow. 


Initial Response


Remain calm and do not panic! First, gather your thoughts before speaking to anyone. Second, gather and document the event/incident.  Thirdly, contact our office for further guidance regarding an alleged violation. Please keep in mind 


Discuss the Incident



You will have an opportunity to discuss the incident with the instructor. Be sure to not miss this opportunity. This meeting may be conducted but not limited to in-person, email, virtually (Zoom), or by telephone. 

Further Action


The instructor will process the information provided by the student to determine an appropriate outcome. The instructor will apply an appropriate grading penalty at their discretion.  Refer to the course syllabus to review instructor policies. 

An instructor may refer the incident to the OSRR Office for further disciplinary action. Instructors are required to report incidents of academic dishonesty. If so, a formal letter will be issued and sent via email from the OSRR Office. 

OSRR Student Conduct Conference

A 'Student Conduct Conference' (meeting) will be scheduled if an alleged incident is reported to our office. We strongly encourage a student(s) to attend this conference to further discuss the alleged violation. Failure to attend will result in further disciplinary action in accordance with E.O. 1098. 

Post Conference Procedures

Upon attending the conference, it is important to not discuss the conference details with anyone until you receive a formal and final outcome from the OSRR Office. Failure to comply in accordance with any confidentiality agreement will result in further consequences according to the Student Conduct Code.