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Incidents of Academic Integrity

Detecting and Reporting Academic Integrity

What do you do if you discover cheating or plagiarism?

Answer: Report it!

In the event a faculty member discovers a violation of the university’s policy of academic integrity, the faculty member is required to notify the Dean of Students and the student(s) involved.  This form of misconduct should be addressed immediately and in a timely manner.

In the event an instructor is unsure whether an incident of academic dishonesty has taken place, we strongly encourage instructors to contact our office to discuss the incident and we can provide further guidance or recommendations. 

 Reporting Procedures 

 A faculty member who believes that a violation of the Academic Integrity policy has occurred should:

  1. Inform the student(s) about the alleged violation and request a meeting (virtual) to discuss the matter with the student(s). If a meeting is not possible, the faculty should inform the student(s) of the alleged violation via e-mail.

    The email to the student(s) should include the following information:
    a. The alleged violation (e.g. cheating, plagiarism, and/or unauthorized collaboration).
    b. An opportunity for the student(s) to provide a response to the allegation.
    c. The grade assigned due to the violation.
    d. A statement that the alleged violation will be reported to the Dean of Students for judicial review and to determine if disciplinary sanctions are warrant.
  2. Faculty should complete the Academic Dishonesty Reporting Form, attached supporting evidence, and submit the information to the Dean of Students. 

    Evidence may include:
    a. Copy of the class syllabus, assignment, exam, paper, etc.
    b. Plagiarism report ( or SafeAssign), if any.
    c. Copy of any communication with the student(s).
    d. Any additional relevant evidence. 

  3. The reporting form must be submitted via email including all supporting evidence to:

Upon submission of the reporting form, our office will process and review all documents within 72 hours. No further action is required on your behalf. Please be advised our office may contact you via email to request any additional information, if necessary. 

In the event the student(s) contact you regarding this action, please refer them to our office for further assistance or concerns. 


Grading Consequences 
A course grade of ‘F’ may be assigned or another grade penalty may be applied at the discretion of the course instructor.