Outlook People (Contacts)

Outlook People allows you to create personal contacts and contact groups (mailing lists). We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about your Outlook Calendar.  If you have additional questions, please email us at helpdesk@csub.edu.


Outlook for Mac Advanced QRG pdf
Outlook for PC Advanced QRG pdf


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Why is my Create New Contact Group button greyed out on my Mac?

To create new contacts or contact groups on your Mac, you will need to change your setting for viewing folders on your computer. Here are the instructions for making that setting change.


  1. Click Outlook menu, click Preferences
  2. In the Outlook Preferences box, under Personal Settings, click General
  3. In the General box, clear the Hide On My Computer folders checkbox
  4. Return to Create a contact group
  5. In the Folder pane, check the My Contacts

How do I create distribution or contact lists?

In the world of Office 365, distribution lists and contact lists are different.

Contact Groups

Office 365 refers to contact lists as contact groups. With contact groups, you can communicate with multiple people using one name. For example, if you send email to your department or your class on frequent basis, then you will want to create a contact group for them. To create a contact group, please see Creating and Using Contact Groups (pdf).

Distribution Lists

For Office 365, distributions lists allows you to send email to multiple people using one email address. People inside and outside of CSUB can email this distribution list, as well. Additionally , distribution lists are created by the Office 365 Administrators. To have a distribution list created, please email helpdesk@csub.edu with the details .