OneDrive for Business provides cloud storage for your files and documents. It allows your documents and files to follow you from device to device. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about storing and retrieving your documents and files from OneDrive.

Warning about OneDrive: While documents in a person's OneDrive for business folder may be shared they still belong to the owner, so if the owner leaves the documents leave with them.

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How much space do I get on OneDrive for Business?

With OneDrive for Business, you get 1 Tb of storage.

What is the difference between attaching a document as a copy and as a OneDrive file?

When you attach a document as a copy, it sends a copy to each recipient. If you send the attachment from OneDrive, it sends a link to the document in OneDrive.

The true benefit of sending attachments from OneDrive is the ability to keep the document updated in one place.  If you update the document in OneDrive, the recipient will have access to the most updated information. This process avoids having to resend attachments due to the information being updated.


Please Note:

Documents and files stored in OneDrive for Business are tied to an individual. If the individual leaves the university, their documents and files leave with them. As such, you will lose access to these files and documents.