Office 365 Forms

Office 365 Group

An Office 365 Group is a collaborative space that includes a unique mailbox, calendar, and OneDrive file-sharing capabilities. Groups are ideal for supporting particular business functions in and across departments, campus projects, or any other collaborative effort.

  • No additional username/password
  • Useful for receiving emails, sharing content, and interacting as a Group
  • All members have access to enabled features from their own Outlook profile
Organization Account

An Org Account is a unique Office 365 account meant for campus departments, clubs, or other aspects of the CSUB organization. An Org account provides access to a shared mailbox, calendar, and OneDrive file-sharing location. Org Accounts are accessed independently from standard accounts.

  • Unique username/password (can be determined by requester)
  • Useful if the department wants to manage various accounts within the department
  • Must be accessed independently from a standard campus account
Distribution List

A Distribution List is a public contact group searchable in the Outlook Address Book. Distribution lists are often used to formally distribute business information to sizeable groups of campus contacts. A Distribution List does not include a separate mailbox or calendar.

  • No additional username/password
  • Useful for sending emails to multiple people using a common recipient address
  • All sent e-mails are delivered to the recipient mailboxes separately
Public Folder

A Public Folder provides a central mailbox for everyone to post to, similar to a bulletin board. E-mails are delivered to the Public Folder and are viewable by anyone.

  • No additional username/password
  • Useful for sending emails to a single public mailbox for all campus members to view
  • All sent emails are delivered to a single mailbox

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