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Can you tell me more about the MSN-FNP Program?

Please see our MSN-FNP Informational PowerPoint for details on the MSN-FNP Program

What day and time will the classes be?

Throughout the program, Face-to-Face class time will be one day a week (during the weekday). Most often class will begin at 5pm, but there are many days that it may start earlier in the day. In addition, there are synchronous and asynchronous online class meetings.

How many hours of supervised clinical hours are required for the program?

A minimum of 585 supervised clinical hours is required for completion of the program. The clinical hours are dictated by the program curriculum and clinical course objectives. Those are approved by the BRN and are not negotiable.

How many clinical hours are required for each clinical course?

Clinical hours required for each clinical course vary. There are four clinical courses throughout the curriculum.

  • N6321 ANP I: A minimum 135 direct patient care hours are required.
  • N6331 ANP II: A minimum 90 direct patient care hours are required.
  • N6341 ANP II: A minimum 180 direct patient care hours are required.
  • N6351 Advanced Practice Practicum: A minimum 180 direct patient care hours are required.

When does the first clinical course start?

The first clinical course begins in the second semester of the program. Typically, one to two, eight- hour clinical day(s) per week will be required during the regular work week (Monday –Friday, 8:00-5:30pm).

Can clinical hours be completed during the weekends only?

Most primary care offices open during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:30pm). Students are expected to complete their clinical hours in the primary care settings. Therefore, it will be very difficult to almost impossible to complete clinical hours only during the weekends.  

Can I schedule my own clinical hours?

The clinical schedule is determined by you and your preceptor. You can choose the dates when you want to do your clinicals as long as your preceptor is available, and you are able to complete all required hours for that clinical course.

Can I “bank” clinical hours?

The clinical hours completed in one clinical course cannot be "banked" for another clinical course.

Can I work full time and complete the program?

Please be advised, this is a very rigorous program. Trying to complete this program and working full time may be challenging.  Previous students typically cut back their work schedule or take vacation time to accommodate required clinical hours.

Will the students have different preceptors throughout the semester?

Students will identify their preceptors throughout their time here in the program. Most students rotate through different preceptors and clinical sites to meet all the objectives of each course.

Can I find my own clinical site/preceptor?

We have many existing clinical agreements with local health care agencies. Please contact the Graduate Program Director to find out if the clinical site that you are interested in has an existing clinical agreement with CSUB. If there is no existing agreement, a new clinical agreement must be established between the clinical site and CSUB before you can start your clinical hours there. The negotiation process can be very lengthy, particularly when it is a large organization or government agency. Occasionally, the negotiation can fall through.

Will I need to look for my own clinical site/preceptor?

Students are strongly advised to begin networking with potential preceptor/clinical site early in the program. We have many existing clinical agreements with local health care agencies. We will work closely with you in securing your clinical sites and preceptors. All clinical sites must be approved by CSUB Graduate Nursing Program Committee.

What are the required qualification for preceptors?

These are the minimum qualifications required for preceptors.

  • Possession of a current California license to practice as a physician or nurse practitioner.
  • At least one year of clinical experience either as a physician or nurse practitioner providing primary care.
  • In a group practice, any other provider participating in supervision of the student must also meet the same qualifications with regard to education and clinical experience.

Does your program accept international students?

All applicants must have an active unrestricted California RN license at the time of applying to the program.  Please go to our website for more information on application eligibility.

Do I still qualify if I have a BSN from a Foreign University?

MSN-FNP Foreign Credit Policy

Applicants with nursing courses from a foreign university must have a course-by-course evaluation completed by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS)

1. Nursing Coursework

    • Contact the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Programs (CGFNS) (215) 349-8767 or
    • Submit an official copy of this evaluation with your MSN-FNP Program application through NursingCAS.

2. Non-Nursing Coursework

Please include all original foreign transcripts to the Office of Admissions and Records upon submitting the Cal State Apply Application. 

I have a Master’s in Nursing (MSN) in another concentration, am I still eligible to apply for the MSN-FNP Program?

Unfortunately, MSN-FNP program at CSUB does not offer a Post Master’s Certification Program. Currently, we are not able to accept students who already have a degree of Master’s in Nursing.

There are many schools that offer Postmaster’s FNP Certificate programs. We encourage you to explore those options. 

I am in an MSN-FNP program at another institution, but I want to transfer to a program that is closer to home, can I transfer any of my courses?

Unfortunately, our program does not accept transfer students from a different MSN-FNP program. We encourage you to research other programs that will accept your transfer courses.

What is the application process for applying to the MSN-FNP Program?

Please see the Apply Now Section of our website for the Application Process.

Why isn't the MSN-FNP Program Appearing on Cal State Apply?

When creating your Cal State Apply account, ensure that your response to question four is 'No' if you are a current United States Resident.

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What are your entry Statistics for the MSN-FNP Program?


What do I do if I'm on the wait list?

We will notify you if you are accepted off of the wait list into the program. This can happen as late as a week before classes begin. There is nothing you can do other than wait to hear from us.