RN-BSN Alumni

Public Health Nurse Certificate

In order to apply for a Public Health Nurse Certificate through the BRN, you must:

  1. Have your BSN Degree posted (Check your MyCSUB - Academics section)
  2. Apply Online (Breeze) - You must submit a completed Online Public Health Nurse Applicant Identification Form and 2"x2" photograph. You will have the opportunity to upload this form as an attachment when submitting the online application. 
  3. Attach the Public Health Nurse Requirements Worksheet (as part of the Child Abuse Completion Certificate) with your application.
  4. Complete the BRN's Transcript Request Form (must be filled out first, then proceed to step 5).
  5. Please complete the form in step 4 and have the proper signatures prior to ordering transcripts, you can send the form to transcriptorders@csub.edu. Once you receive the completed form; then proceed to order your transcripts online. 
  6. Order transcripts either through your myCSUB or visit the CSUB Transcript Requests page for further details. (in the attachment section, please upload the BRN's transcript form with proper signatures from steps 4 and 5).
    1. On type: choose Paper Transcript Mailed
    2. Please write the Mailing Address as: 

           PO Box 944210, Sacramento, CA 94244-2100 

        Note: Please expect 4-8 weeks for process. 

CSUB Commencement & Diploma 

Click here for Commencement Information 

Click here for Diploma Information 

CEUs for BRN License Renewal

Any of CSUB RN-BSN courses provide CEUs for the BRN license renewal.  A student will choose the course(s) that is completed into the BRN Breeze system and enter the name of the course, the hours (1 semester unit is equal to 15 contact hours), the dates and the university name.  No BRN Provider Number is needed for this. 

For further information, please consult the BRN website under License Renewal.  

If audited, you will only need to provide your CSUB transcript