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RN-BSN Post Acceptance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

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I have been accepted to the program, what do I do now?

Please reference your Acceptance Letter for instructions on submitting your RSVP form and registering through Castlebranch for your Background Check, Drug Test, and Clinical Requirements. 

I have been accepted to CSUB and the RN-BSN Program, do I need to attend the CSUB Orientation?

If you have been accepted to the RN-BSN Program, you are exempt from attending the CSUB (Campus) Orientation. Please disregard this message. 

What does it mean to be "Conditionally Admitted"?

Students that are "conditionally admitted" are typically missing the RN License and/or AS in Nursing. You must submit your official ADN transcript to the CSUB Admissions and Records Office immediately and upload your RN License to Castlebranch upon receipt.  These items are due by November 30th for full admission to the program and progression beyond the first semester in the program. 

How do I remove holds on my CSUB Account

You can remove the holds on your MyCSUB account by following the instructions listed on your holds.  If you have any questions about certain holds, please contact the Program Advisor. 

I am having trouble with my Castlebranch account. Who do I contact?

Please contact Castlebranch Customer Service  for specific questions regarding your Clinical Requirements. 

When do I complete my Clinical Requirements and how many hours are needed?

Clinicals will be completed during the Spring Semester (January -May) during the following course: Nursing 4221: Community & Public Health Nursing (Practicum)

You will need to complete a total of 135 on-site clinical hours 

Where are Clinical Placements?

Clinical placements for the Community & Public Health Practicum will only be available in Kern County, unless specific arrangements are made through faculty.   

What other events should I attend for the RN-BSN Program?

Although this program is online (except for Clinical Hours), you will need to attend two mandatory events:

- RN-BSN Orientation - This all day event will be held in Mid August.  Please see your Acceptance Letter for more information

- RN-BSN Clinical Orientation - This all day event will be held in the beginning of the Spring Semester.  More details will be emailed during the first semester of the program. 

What items do I need to bring for my RN-BSN Orientation?

You will need to bring:

- $10 to cover the Badge Photo Fee

- $70 for the CSUB Application for Graduation

- $25 to register for the GWAR Test

- Optional- $5 to obtain your CSUB ID 

What do I need for the RN-BSN Program?

Suggested Online RN to BSN Program Items:

  1. Personal Laptop or Personal Computer
  2. Internet Browsers:
    1. FireFox 
    2. Internet Explorer
    3. Chrome
  3. Strong, reliable Internet signal
  4. Microsoft Office
  5. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  6. Scanner
    1. Suggested Phone App: Tiny Scanner (FREE)
    2. Or any scanner or printer/scanner combination
  7. Semester Calendar (retrieved from University of California Time Management Resources)

Who do I need to meet with for RN-BSN Advising?

Elizabeth Orozco is the Advisor for the program. You can reach her by phone at (661) 654-2610 or by email at