Alert: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Newly Admitted & Continuing Students: MSN-FNP

Once admitted to the program, MSN students must meet the following requirements and upload to the Castlebranch account (details provided in the acceptance letter).

Required Memorandum of Understanding

To reserve your seat or decline acceptance, the Memorandum of Understanding Form must be complete and emailed directly to  This is to be received no later than the deadline that is indicated on your conditional acceptance notice.

Post-Acceptance Requirements 

Step 1: Place your order and pay for Background Check and Drug Test through CastleBranch. Package code is CY74. 

Step 2: Log-in and activate your CastleBranch account to complete the Background Check and Drug Test.  These must be completed by the Deadline posted on your Acceptance Letter.  Other Post-Acceptance Requirements, including Annual Health Requirements are due by their designated deadlines. More details can be found on the Graduate Student Handbook in Section II. Admission, Progression, and Graduation Policies.

For assistance or questions with navigating and submitting requirements, you may contact  contact CastleBranch directly.

MSN-FNP Program Orientation

All Accepted students must attend the Mandatory MSN-FNP Program Orientation on August 20, 2020 at 5:00-9:00 PM. Details will be provided via email. 

Professional Appearance

You must wear your White Lab Coat in a clinical setting (including the simulation center and skills lab). 

  • Please read the Guidelines for Professional Appearance (MSN students do not wear scrubs unless required by clinical facility). 

MSN Patch: Please click here for a photo which displays the proper placement of the MSN Patch on the white coat.  This patch is to be placed on the left side of your white coat. 

MSN White Coat: Please click here for an example of the proper FNP White Coat length. 

Clinical & Preceptor Requirements

New Preceptor/Clinical Placement Procedure (Required Each Semester for Each Preceptor/Clinical Site)

We have many existing clinical agreements with local health care agencies. Please contact the Graduate Program Director Professor Heidi He ( to find out if the clinical site that you are interested in has an existing clinical agreement with CSUB. If there is no existing agreement, a new clinical agreement must be established between the clinical site and CSUB before you can start your clinical hours there. The negotiation process can be very lengthy, particularly when it is a large organization or government agency. Occasionally, the negotiation can fall through.

Have Questions?

Contact the MSN Advisor

For the health and safety of our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the university is temporarily suspending in person contact. The Department has transitioned all of our services online.