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Does CSUB Nursing accept students that are here on foreign visas?

No.  In order to be eligible for the nursing program here at CSUB applicants must be either U.S. citizens, or have permanent residency.  Non-resident applicants may be AB 540 eligible and have received either an SSN, workers permit, or a taxpayer's identification number. 

How frequently does CSUB start a new nursing class?

The Department of Nursing offers a program for a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and admits students, based on available resources, once a year in the fall semester. 

Can I apply to the nursing program with prerequisites still in progress?

Yes. Applicants may apply with prerequisite courses pending given the fact that prerequisites will be completed by the end of the spring semester for the year they are applying for.  See Application Process and Deadlines for details. 

Are the cognate courses required for admissions to the program?

No, cognates are not required to complete for admission to the program.  Cognates are required to complete a BSN degree and must be passed with at least a “C”.  Students are highly encouraged to complete as many cognates and general education courses prior to admission to the program.

What is your program entry statistics?

The Department of Nursing is able to fill approximately 55-60 seats each entry period.

Program Entry statistics
Entry Period # of Applications Received # Accepted Average Prerequisite GPA Average Science and Math GPA Average TEAS
Fall 2022 348 76 3.70 3.66 82.5%
Fall 2021 403 60 3.67 3.62 82.6%
Fall 2020 305 60 3.74 3.72 82.6%
Fall 2019 394 60 3.70 3.73 84.1%
Fall 2018 375 61 3.69 3.68 84.6%
Fall 2017 232 55 3.62 3.60 83.8%
Fall 2016 372 55 3.64 3.63 83.3%
Fall 2015 332 57 3.72 3.71 82.3%
Fall 2014 355 55 3.63 3.62 83.7%
Fall 2013 330 55 3.64 3.64 83.8%
Fall 2012 318 60 3.65 3.66 82.5%
Fall 2011 211 54 3.59 3.51 81.5%


Where do I get a University application?

Application to the University can be accessed through Cal State Apply.  At Cal State Apply, you will find the university application dates.  If you have problems locating the dates there, you can contact CSUB admission at 661-654-3036 for assistance.

When is the nursing application due?

Is the TEAS test required by CSUB Department of Nursing?

Yes.  CSUB Department of Nursing does require applicants to the nursing program to take the ATI TEAS (latest edition).  It is part of the admission requirements.  A TEAS score of at least 72 percent is needed.  A maximum of 2 attempts is accepted.  Multiple attempts require a 14-day grace period from test date to test date.  The highest score will be considered.

Will my volunteer work be factored into my application?

No.  CSUB Nursing does not require volunteer hours; therefore, your volunteer work experience will not advance your application beyond what is required for CSUB Nursing.  Click on the link to view the Admission Criteria.

I was admitted to the University, does that mean I am admitted to the program too?

No.  Your acceptance to the University is separate from the program.  For further information on the requirements, please visit the Application Process and Deadlines page.

How much does it cost to attend the nursing program?

In addition to University tuition and fees, there are additional fees for nursing students. Nursing students will have additional expenses for transportation (an automobile is always needed for clinical practicum courses), parking, health insurance, health clearance, professional liability insurance, uniforms, equipment, and ATI testing.  The estimated costs paid by nursing students can be found by viewing the Curriculum and Cost.

Are there any fees to apply?

Yes, there are associated fees for the following:

  1. Application to CSUB via Cal State Apply: $70
  2. Supplemental Application via NursingCAS: $55
  3. Program Evaluation Fee (except current CSUB students): $30

What about Financial Aid?

Information regarding scholarships, grants, and loans is available through the Office of Financial Aid, (661) 654-3016.  A detailed breakdown of the cost of attendance may also be found here.

How can I find out about housing?

For information concerning residence halls or other housing, call the Housing Office, (661) 654-3014.

Where do I get the College Catalog?

The university catalog can be found by clicking on the link College Catalogs and is updated regularly.

What if I have taken course from a foreign university?

Applicants with courses from a foreign university must have the courses evaluated by an international evaluation service.  For a list of evaluation agencies, visit this link.

Where can I get more Information?

Most of the program information is found on the CSUB Nursing website.  The Department of Nursing offers 4 information sessions for non-CSUB Students.  To see when the virtual sessions will take place, click this link.

Is there a recency requirement on prerequisites?

Yes, the science and math prerequisites must be taken within the last 10 years.  This includes: Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Chemistry, and Statistics.

I already have a bachelor's degree. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes.  Admissions to the nursing program is open to all eligible prospective applicants.

What Chemistry is acceptable?

CSUB Nursing will accept a combination of lower division chemistry to include general, inorganic, organic, or integrated chemistry with associated lab if required from the institute it was taken and meets CSU GE Area B1 (B3).  If multiple chemistry courses were taken that meet the prerequisite, the second attempt will be used and will be considered a repeat in the science prerequisites. Refer to the Pre-Licensure Student Handbook for details.

Can I repeat a prerequisite?

Yes.  CSUB Nursing allows a maximum of 2 prerequisite repeats, (1) science and (1) non-science prerequisite. Repeats are only considered if the first attempted grade was not a minimum of a "C".  For details on course repeats in prerequisites and/or cognates, please see the Pre-Licensure Student Handbook.

How can I find out if the course I took from my college articulates?

For a list of articulated courses from California Community Colleges and CSU's please see the Articulation Chart.  You may also go to ASSIST as a resource.  If a course you completed cannot be found on the  Articulation Chart or on ASSIST, you may email the catalog course description and syllabus to for further review.

If I am not accepted can I re-apply?

At this time, CSUB Nursing does not limit the number of times a candidate may re-apply as long as they continue to meet the admission requirements.  However, it is highly recommended that students inquire with the Pre-Nursing Advisor for consultation on re-applying.

How long is the BSN program?

The nursing program is a 3 years program with summers off.  The curriculum is designed to be done in a sequence. Courses cannot be taken any sooner to "shorten" the length of the program nor can the scheduled nursing courses be delayed for any circumstance.  Please see the Roadmap for details.

Can previous education, or other acquired knowledge such as military education and expereince be considered as meeting some of the BSN curriculum?

Alternative credit may be considered for review on a case by case basis the Department of Nursing's Undergraduate Programs Committee.  For details, visit Alternative Credit Policy.  Please contact the Undergraduate Programs Director or designee for details.

What if I am already an RN with an Associates Degree in Nursing?

If you have an Associates Degree in Nursing or will have an Associates Degree in Nursing, the best program option for you is the RN-BSN program (post-licensure).  Please visit the RN-BSN Program section of the website for more information.