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Freshmen (entering first year student) cannot be directly admitted to the nursing program. They instead can be admitted with a major in Nursing with a Pre-Nursing designation.  

  • Upon general admission to the univeristy, the Pre-Nursing designation does not guarantee admission into the nursing program.
  • Pre-Nursing students work with their advisor in the areas of academic advising, prerequisite completion to plan on readiness to apply to the nursing program.
  • The pre-nursing advisor will also determine student's status of eligibility to apply based on the supplemental criteri for admissions their first semester at CSUB to determine the expected year to apply to the program. 

Prospective Applicants

Prospective applicants include: Current CSUB students, transfers, or seeking second baccalaureate degree. 

Transfers and second baccalaureate applicants must meet university admission requirements in addition to the criteria for the nursing program. General admission to the university does not mean admission to the nursing program. 

Prospective applicants must meet the minimum expected requirements included in the supplementary criteria for admission. Admission to the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing at CSUB is based on the following criteria:

  • Pre-requisite GPA
  • Science/math prerequisite GPA
  • TEAS Score 
  • Bakersfield service area residence, and
  • Continuing CSUB student or CSUB Alum

Due to impacted status with the California State University, propective applicants must also meet the Department of Nursing's  policies progression and eligibility. Details are referenced in the Pre-Nursing Handbook.