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stephen Muchinyi

Name: Stephen Muchinyi

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Biochemistry from CSU Bakersfield

Graduation Year: 2011

Campus Involvement: ASi (Student Government) President from 2009-2011. Essentially my role as student body president was to enhance the student experience on campus. We achieved this by organizing events that would encourage interaction among students from different backgrounds. Additionally, we participated in student advocacy efforts such as voter registration and lobbying legislatures in Sacramento, all in an effort to advance student interest.

Grad School: NOVA Southeastern University Physician Assistant Studies Program, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Degree: Masters of Medical Sciences in Physician Assistant Studies

Graduation Year: 2016

Occupation: Emergency Room Physician Assistant at San Joaquin Community Hospital 

Community Involvement: San Joaquin Community Hospital philanthropic events

Hobbies: hiking, soccer, traveling

In regards to NSME, the department offered all the courses that were necessary for admission to a majority of the physician assistant programs in the country. This was certainly important due to the high degree of specificity as it relates to prerequisite course for most PA programs. Moreover, the intensity of my undergraduate program prepared me for the rigors of graduate school.  

jason Goklaney

Name: Jason Goklaney

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Chemistry with emphasis in Biochemistry from CSU Bakersfield 

Graduation Year: 2010

Campus Involvement: ASi (student government) board member

Grad School: Colorado School of Mines

Grad Degree: M.S. Environmental Engineering and Science

Graduation Year: 2012

Occupation: Environmental Engineer - consultant for oil and gas companies

Community Involvement: Active 20-30 Club-the club's objective is to raise funds via community events to serve the underpriviliged youth in Kern County

Hobbies: hiking, sports, music, art, dining, and traveling

Why CSUB: I spent two years in the UC system before coming to CSUB and greatly preferred the education style at CSUB. Classroom sizes were small and direct interaction with professors were at a personal level. The coursework at CSUB helped me immensely in grad school. The chemistry department did a great job at teaching me excel and math programming, which helped me through grad school and currently in my career.

Why Bakersfield: After CSUB, I went out of state as there were no local graduate engineering programs; however, my intent was to always come back to work in the energy industry. My family is in Bakersfield and the energy industry has provided me a challenging and rewarding career that I wanted.  

nanse Mendoza

Name: Nanse Mendoza

Undergraduate Degree: B.S in Chemistry from CSU Bakersfield

Graduation Year: 2013

Campus Involvement: I was a research assistant at Dr. Lauer’s lab where I worked on the identification of microcrustaceans that are natural predators on the amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd). I was also a teaching assistant for REVS-UP for two summers as well as the president of the pre-medical club. Outside of CSUB, I volunteered enrolling patients into studies at Kern Medical Center’s Emergency Department.

Graduate School: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA / Charles R Drew School of Medicine and Science

Degree: Doctor of Medicine

Graduation Year: June 2018

Occupation: As of now, I am a 4th year medical student that will graduating with an MD degree next year. I will be pursuing a 4-year emergency medicine residency after graduation.

Community Involvement: As a medical student, I have volunteered with the mobile clinic that provides basic care to homeless populations. I have served as a mentor for high school students pursuing a career in healthcare and recently, I have gone to Bakersfield College where I gave a presentation on the road to applying to medical school. I have also participated in workshops helping fellow medical students and resident physicians learn medical Spanish.

Why CSUB: In regards to NSME, the coursework I completed for the BS in Chemistry gave me a solid foundation for medicine while also fulfilling all the requirements for all the medical schools I applied to. I loved the small classroom size and individualized attention from professors at CSUB. I also appreciated that CSUB was very affordable and was very lucky to have received many scholarships while I was enrolled, allowing me to graduate debt-free. 

Hobbies: Netflix and chill, trying new sushi restaurants, hanging out with friends, family and my cats, rock concerts

Personal accomplishments: Was really fortunate to have received the Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship at UCLA, a full tuition scholarship for all 4 years of medical school. Some unique experiences from medical school: got picked up in a limo and flew on a private jet to Arizona in the middle of the night to procure a liver as well as a helicopter ride for another liver all in the span of 2 days. Held a beating heart as it took its last squeeze and helped deliver a 1.2 pound baby. 

Harmeet Deol

Name: Harmeet Deol

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Biochemistry

Graduation Year: 2012

CSUB Campus Involvement: Co-founder of The Multicultural Community at CSUB

Grad School: California State University, Sacramento

Grad Degree: Masters in Business Administration (MBA) 

Graduation Year: 2015

Doctoral School: California Northstate University College of Pharmacy

Doctoral Degree: Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Grad Year: 2016

Current title and occupation: Post graduate year II Health System Pharmacy Administration Resident at Yale-New Haven Hospital 

Why CSUB: CSUB prepared me to on take higher-level education and has been a great resource in establishing my baseline foundation. The knowledge I have gained at CSUB has been pivotol in my educational and professional endeavors. The time I have invested in the university has shaped me into a competitive and well-rounded individual. Since leaving CSUB, I have been able to explore Sacramento for my masters and doctorate degrees, Corpus Christi, TX for Post Graduate Year I Residency, and New Haven, CT where I'm currently pursuing a Post Graduate Year II Residency at Yale-New Haven Health System. CSUB definitely challenged me intellectually; some of the most challenging educational experiences I have ever had were during my undergraduate course of studies. Being from Bakersfield made CSUB my primary choice for undergraduate education; the decision has proved valuable in my professional journey.

Hobbies: I enjoy being outdoors and exploring new territories. I am fortunate to have had many life experiences that have allowed me to explore the states.

Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Geological Sciences

Olawale Olabisi

Name: Olawale Olabisi

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelors in Geology and Earth Sciences

Undergraduate School: Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Nigeria

Graduation Year: 2006

Grad School: CSU Bakersfield 

Grad Degree: M.S. Petroleum Geology 

Graduation Year: 2013

Olawale, aka Wale, grew up in Ondo, Nigeria. In the fall of 2010, Wale moved to Bakersfield, CA and enrolled at California State University, Bakersfield for graduate studies in Petroleum Geology. While at CSUB, Wale worked as a student assistant at the California Well Sample Repository helping in the day to day running of the facility. He later worked as an assistant in the research lab of Emeritus Professor Robert Horton looking at sandstones (in thin sections) from the Wasco Oil Field to determine mineralogy, texture, and porosity development. The objective of his research was to better understand the geological history of the San Joaquin basin. The research is also of benefit to oil companies interested in the reservoir qualities of deeply buried sandstones and the potential use of the reservoir studied to store injected supercritical carbon dioxide as part of the way to mitigate global warming with respect to climate change. This research formed his graduate thesis and he received several scholarships to fund his research. Some of the scholarships include Angel over Africa Scholarship (2012), Chevron Inc. USA Scholarship Program (2012), San Joaquin Geological Society Scholarship Program (2011), and California State University Scholarship Program-Student Research Scholar Award (2011). Wale presented the result of his research at several geological conferences. Some of them include the San Joaquin Geological Society (a local chapter of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, AAPG), the Pacific Section AAPG conference in Monterey. He also presented his research at the 2012 CSUB Student Research Competition where he won second place in the poster category; he was a CSUB student research scholar.    

In 2012, Wale got an internship with Plains Exploration and Production (PXP) working as a geology intern in their Bakersfield office. He was hired as a consultant after his internship and was offered a full time position a few months later when Freeport-McMoRan Oil and Gas (FMOG) acquired PXP.

Where is Wale now? In January 2017, Sentinel Peak Resources (SPR) acquired the majority of FMOG's California assets and Wale got hired. He continues to work for SPR as a Development Geologist helping the company to look for oil and develop existing oil fields.

In Pursuit of further education, he is currently enrolled in the Engineering Management Ph.D. program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville while working full time. Wale is also currently enrolled at the Stanford University Center for Professional Development where he plans to obtain a professional certificate in Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies. Passionate about climate and energy, acquiring more knowledge is the best for him. His area of research is in Climate Science and Energy. He hopes that his doctoral research will increase our knowledge of demand and supply sides of energy in Nigeria and other developing countries, especially under climate uncertainties. In his free time, Wale loves to play sports, travel, be with friends, and listen to good music.

Jlynn Moore Bowen

Name: Jlynn Moore Bowen

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Geology 

Undergraduate School: CSU Bakersfield

Undergradute Year: 2009 

Occupation: Geoscience/Engineering Technician in the Strategic Business Development Group at Area Energy 

Hobbies: Women of Energy Bunco Group, yoga, hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, home improvement, DIY projects, and enjoying my Chow Chow dogs


Glenna Gordon

Name: Glenna Gordon

Undergraduate degree: B.S. Mathematics from CSUB

Graduation year: 2006

Grad School: Montana State University 

Grad Degree: M.S. in Statistics 

Grad Year: 2008

Doctoral School: Florida State University

Doctoral Degree: PhD in Statistics

Grad Year: 2016

CSUB Campus Involvement: While a CSUB student, I was President of the Math Club and worked as a Math/Statistics tutor in the tutoring center with Dr. Sam Behseta. I participated in undergraduate research activities with Dr. Yangsuk Ko through the Student Research Scholars and MARC USTAR programs. Through the guidance of Dr. Roger Peck, Dr. Yangsuk Ko, Dr. Sam Behseta, and Dr. Rebecca Larson I developed a love of research and statistics. These four people encouraged me to apply for graduate school when I thought graduate school was not an option for me. They taught me the importance of service to the academic community and my profession. Most importantly, they helped me realize my potential as an academic researcher.

I worked as a statistician/analyst for an emergency/risk management firm for 4 years prior to enrolling in the Florida State University Department of Statistics PhD program. I graduated from FSU with my PhD in Statistics in December 2016 and have been working as a statistician for the FSU Collge of Nursing since 2013. My current role began as that of a teaching assistant and has developed into a full-fledged research faculty position over the course of the past 4 years. I firmly believe that I would not be where I am today had it not been for the guidance/professional development I received while at CSUB's Department of Mathematics. In my spare time, I read, travel with my fiance, and play fetch with my 2 dogs.

Natural Sciences


Physics & Engineering

Irvin Hinojosa

Name: Irvin Hinojosa 

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Chemistry and Engineering Sciences with a concentration in Petroleum Engineering from CSU Bakersfield 

Graduation Year: 2015

While at CSUB: I was involved with SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) and SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) on campus. I was on the dean's list for a few quarters, and the thing I enjoyed most about CSUB was the ability to work and go to school at the same time. Plus, the koi pond is pretty cool to study next to.

Grad School: San Jose State University

Grad Degree: M.S. in Chemical Engineering

Graduation Year: 2017

Occupation: I'm a Mechanical Engineer at IES Engineering in Bakersfeld. At my current job, I enjoy being able to apply what I learned to real world applications. And to be very honest, NSME just gave me the education I needed to get the resolve of my goals started.  

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