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Statement from CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White on the 2018-19 State Budget Proposal

“The 2018-2019 budget proposal from the governor’s office is both concerning and surprising. By nearly any measure, the CSU is fulfilling its mission better than ever before. Yet the proposed level of funding, as a percent of our operating budget, provides an increase to our operating budget that is half the rate of inflation. Directives and constraints within the proposal further limit our ability to address critical university needs.

The attainment of a high-quality CSU degree improves the lives of Californians and the economic prosperity of our state. CSU enrollment and student achievement have reached all-time highs as the university graduates an ever-greater number of students at a lower cost to California. This budget proposal could reverse any progress made in the last decade – diminishing student access, success, limiting degree attainment and depriving California’s industries of skilled professionals.

Additional investment in the CSU and public higher education is both warranted and necessary – providing a return on public investment many times over. Over the coming months, we will take every opportunity to reinforce to the governor, Department of Finance and legislature that additional investment in the California State University is an investment in California’s future.”

In his initial 2018-19 state budget, Governor Brown proposed an increase of $92.1 million for the CSU, which amounts to 1.4 percent of the university’s operating budget. This past November, CSU Trustees approved a budget requesting an increase of $282.9 million to fund priorities including the university-wide Graduation Initiative 2025, compensation, enrollment growth, facilities and infrastructure needs and mandatory costs.

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