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New Library System Will Ease and Expand the Search Process Roll Out Scheduled for Summer

The CSU is implementing a shared library system known as CSU+ that will allow all 23 university libraries to manage hundreds of millions of books and articles and easily share resources with one another.

CSU+ is going to change the idea of a “library collection.” While each library will still maintain its own collection, the physical resources in all the CSU libraries will be easily available to every student.  In other words, CSUB students can access the holdings at campuses like San Jose State or San Diego and have them shipped to their campus. This differs from the current Interlibrary Loan system in that the mediation by Interlibrary Loan staff will no longer be needed for intersystem lending.

The library catalog will contain records for nearly every book in the system, rather than just those at CSUB.

One way of looking at the change is that each library user will now have one big collection of materials from all the CSU campuses to choose from.

“This project will definitely change the world of the CSU libraries.  Both technology and policy will never be the same,” CSUB Project Director and Librarian Amanda Grombly said.

Additionally, the system will allow for efficiencies in book selection.  Librarians will work to avoid excessive duplication of materials from one library to the next.  Internally, the work flow will be altered, which is giving libraries across the system opportunities to realign staff duties for more efficient service.

Another advantage of the system is the new interface, OneSearch, which will search across all CSUB print and online materials to retrieve articles, eBooks, book titles and other resources in a single search.  Users will be able to control their searches in new ways.

For library employees, the system will change the way items are billed and the ways in which materials are coded and organized in the system.  In this shared system, all the data will reside in the cloud, which means that local servers will not need to be managed and storage capabilities will be boosted exponentially.

Ex Libris, the parent company of the system, has provided the library system at CSUB since 2003, so there is some continuity in the transition.

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