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CSUB History Forum Presents ‘A Case Study of the Tatar Regional Party Committee’

Dr. Baker CSUB HistoryThe California State University, Bakersfield History Forum presents "Was the Soviet Union a Proletarian Project? A Case Study of the Tatar Regional Party Committee, 1921-1941." Speaker Dr. Mark R. Baker, CSUB Professor of History, will lead the discussion on Friday, February 28 at 3:30pm in the Albertson Room at the Doré Theater.

Drawing from his extensive research in the archives of the former Soviet Union, Dr. Baker will argue that the Soviet experiment may have started out as a proletarian (workers) project, but as the revolution morphed into a state, the attempts to make that state proletarian proved almost impossible to accomplish in a largely peasant country. Instead, the USSR became a multi-national, Affirmative Action Empire, promoting a diverse group of titular nationalities, including the group specifically under examination: the Tatars.  Through an examination of the membership of the Tatar Regional Committee of the Communist Party, Dr. Baker will chart the relative success of nationalizing (in contrast to the proletarianizing) the party.

“My research is only a case study of one region, but the findings suggest how difficult the endeavor to create the first communist state was, how it failed to create a worker state, let alone a workers' revolution. Instead, the USSR morphed into a series of very imperfect nation-states,” said Baker.

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