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University Counselor Training Clinic Strengthens Kern County Families at a Low Cost

The University Counselor Training Clinic of the CSU Bakersfield School of Social Sciences and Education will be hosting a social on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 from 5:00pm-7:00pm in the Stockdale Room of the Runner Café. The Clinic serves the greater Bakersfield community by offering low-cost individual, couple, family and group counseling community to those who are uninsured or whose insurance does not cover behavioral health.  Clinic services are provided by advanced graduate student clinicians from the CSUB Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program.

Founded in 1988 as the Counseling and Human Services Clinic, this community gem has remained largely invisible, even to those who work or attend classes on campus. The mission of the Clinic is to help strengthen families and create responsible individuals while also providing a real-world, closely supervised practical experience for students and alumni of the CSUB Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology program.

The Clinic has provided a unique educational experience for these students, complete with soundproofing protection for client confidentiality and internal intercom and videotaping systems for supervision and training purposes. It is also a primary referral source for mental health agencies, physicians, public school personnel, and individual counseling practitioners.

“Attendees at the December 4th social will have the opportunity to see the Clinic first hand and, with confidence, be able to refer their family members and friends for counseling services,” said Dr. Kathleen Ritter, University Counselor Training Clinic supervisor and coordinator.  “Additionally they might be able to see the Clinic as a valuable referral source and vital contribution to the Bakersfield community.” 

Every year, the students and interns in the Clinic provide an average of 1,033 hours of individual therapy; 148 hours of couples counseling; 38 hours of family therapy; and 48 hours of group counseling. It is estimated that at least 72 children per academic year are positively impacted by the services the Clinic provides.

To RSVP for the University Counselor Training Clinic social, call 661-654-2878.

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