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CSUB motivates freshmen through Runner Letter Program

The first weeks as a college freshman may bring some of the most difficult struggles for a student. They may begin to feel homesick, nervous, or otherwise insecure. To show support to the freshman class, CSU Bakersfield has organized the first Runner Letter Day, which will take place on Wednesday, October 16th from 8am to 10pm, with music and lunch from 11am-1pm in the CSUB Student Union.

Runner Letter Day is a program intended to provide support to CSUB Freshmen at a critical time in their college career. One hundred and thirty-four members of the CSUB staff and faculty, as well as some older students and alumni, each wrote a note or letter of encouragement to 10 CSUB freshmen, for a total of 1,348 letters. These letters will be picked up by the freshmen on Runner Letter Day. 

“Research shows that about the fifth or sixth week of college, students begin to question themselves because many of them are in classes and are being challenged like they’ve never been challenged before,” said Dr. Thomas Wallace, CSUB Vice President of Student Affairs. “There are a number of things they are going through and we want to help them through this transitional period.”

“CSUB made a concerted effort to all Freshmen by writing encouraging letters to show our support for their success,” said Emily Poole, CSUB Assistant Director of Campus Programming.  “We can’t wait to see the faces of the students as they pick up their letters on Wednesday!”

Parents and families were also encouraged to write letters through the Roadrunner’s Parent Association. 

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