CSUB hosts Spirituality in Health Care seminar

Spirituality in Nursing The Alumni Nursing Chapter at California State University, Bakersfield is hosting its fifth annual Spirituality in Health Care seminar, "Bridging Healing and Spirituality," from 5 to 9 p.m. Monday, Sept. 19 in the Doré Theatre.

Speakers will approach the topic from their various professional backgrounds, aiming to enhance the interdisciplinary dialogue between medicine and theology. The seminar is designed for health care administrators, physicians, health care practitioners, social workers, clergy members of all faiths, and the community. Event partners include GEMCare Health Plan, Inc., Mercy and Memorial Hospitals, Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center, Optimal Health and Dr. John Owens.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Jerry Kornfeld, whose book "Your 100 Year Heart" deals with his observations that human hearts die too young. He is a physician, educator, international lecturer and author who has dedicated his life to being a healer.

A panel discussion will include:

Dr. Anil Mehta studied medicine at the University of Bombay and completed his residency in New Delhi, India, and New York. He currently practices medicine in Bakersfield and holds weekly meditation and Bhagwad Gita study sessions at Chinmaya Mission.

Sister Judy Morasci, RSM is Vice President of Mission Integration for Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield. She studied at Harvard School of Divinity, Weston School of Theology and Episcopal Divinity School in Boston with an emphasis on spirituality and ethics.

Emad Meerza is President of the Islamic Shoura Council Bakersfield. He is a leader in the Muslim community and is an Imam at a Bakersfield mosque.

Dr. Patrick Roberts is a chaplain and bereavement counselor for Optimal Hospice Care. He is ordained as a Southern Baptist minister, and is a certified chaplain. He received his Master of Pastoral Counseling at Andersonville Baptist College and his Doctorate of Pastoral Counseling at Andersonville Theological Seminary.

Audrey Cochran, RN, GNCS, BC opened her own nursing practice in 1990 to help families acquire information on ways to keep their elders living as independently as possible for as long as possible. She is also Parish Nurse at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

The registration fee for the Spirituality in Health Care seminar is $25 and includes syllabus material, a light meal, and free parking in Lots B, C, D, L and K. Register online at https://csubfoundation.org/giving/alumnigiftform.cfm. For more information, call Pamala K. McCarver at 661-331-3789.

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