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Mitchell announces campus re-organizations, potential cuts to athletics

President MitchellEarly this month, CSUB President Horace Mitchell held a budget forum where he outlined initial plans to balance a more than $4 million budget deficit for the 2011-12 fiscal year due to ongoing cuts in state funding. President Mitchell elaborated on this plan today by announcing further strategies to manage the University's budget shortfall, while streamlining operations.

Previously, President Mitchell announced the elimination of one management position in each of the University's four divisions.

Today, additional staffing changes were announced in CSUB's Athletics Department and University Advancement, which will save the University approximately $240,000 in 2011-12.

Staffing changes in Athletics include:

  • With the retirement of Senior Associate Athletics Director Gloria Friedman after 38 years of service, her position, which is essential, will be changed from a management position to a staff position at a lower salary.
  • A management position in Athletics development has been eliminated with the staff member accepting a different position at a lower salary.
  • Athletics development staff, who previously reported jointly to Athletics and University Advancement, will report solely to Athletics Director Jeff Konya.

In addition to staffing changes, Mitchell outlined potential cuts to two sports programs. Mitchell said that women's golf and women's tennis, two of the four sports which were placed on a self-support basis during 2009-10, did not achieve their fund raising goals for 2011-12.

"It is possible that those sports would be discontinued after 2011-12 since there will be no campus funding available," he said.

University Advancement, the division that oversees fundraising, events and public affairs, will also realize a major reorganization.

By mutual agreement, Beverly Byl will step down from her current position as Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Director of the CSUB Foundation.

At the end of July, the position of Director of Foundation Relations will become vacant. The position has been restructured to include responsibilities for state and federal government relations and advocacy. Byl will assume this role as Executive Director of Government and Foundation Relations.

This reorganization will be effective August 1, 2011 with the transitions beginning immediately.

Development, event, and internal operations staff previously reporting to Byl, will now report to Dr. Soraya Coley, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs with a specific focus on fund raising to support academic programs and student scholarships.

Public Affairs and Communications will report directly to the President.

"Over the next two to three months I will spend a considerable amount of time, along with Provost Coley working directly with University Advancement staff before making a decision to begin a national search for a new vice president or to make an interim appointment for 2011-12," Mitchell said. "By leaving the position vacant for six months, the savings will be approximately $100,000 in 2011-12."

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