Assisted and Proctoring Forms

Assisted Form

If you would like help with the MyWritingLabPlus program, we offer an assisted option. The assisted option allows you to be paired with a MyWritingLabPlus trained assistant. For more information, fill out the form below. Note that English 910, English 920 and English 1109 courses are automatically provided with this service each semester.

Faculty Assisted Options (includes any or all of the following):

  • Managing the Gradebook

  • Sending Weekly Progress Updates

  • Unlocking Alerts in the Program

  • Visiting Classes/Providing Demonstrations

The way you set up your class is completely up to you. We adjust your class requirements in the program to your specifications.

English 910, 920, and 1109 Assisted Forms

Other Departments/Non-Composition Courses Assisted Forms

MWLP Headquarters Proctoring Form

Please fill out the form document provided below. After it is complete, you can email the document to us at or you can bring it to the  MWLP headquarters located in CB 100.

Please give 24 hours notice for test/essay proctoring.

 Proctoring Form Document

Early Start 2017 

If Early Start instructors need help or have questions about the MWLP program, they should contact Abby Flachmann.

For information on how Early Start students access the program, please see this video.

For information on how Early Start students can show their work in MWLP, please see the PPT How to Show Your Instructor Your Work.

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