Culminating Activities

MUS 490 Senior Recital

Course Description 

Recital consisting of 45-70 minutes of music, reserved for those students especially proficient on an instrument or in voice. Admission with consent of the music faculty, which must be obtained no later than the pre-registration period of the student’s proposed final semester. Must be undertaken in residence. Corequisite: Concurrent enrollment in MUS 423 or permission of the faculty. (By petition only.)

MUS 491 Senior Project

Course Description

Culminating project commensurate with student ability and faculty expertise involving a combination of written work, performance, lecture/demonstration, music composition, and/or music technology applications. Must be undertaken in residence. (By petition only.)

Music 492-494 Senior Thesis

Course Description

Research project leading to an extended scholarly paper of between 6000-7500 words. Must be undertaken in residence. (By petition only.)