CSUB Jazz Ensemble Auditions 2016-17

When are the auditions: 

Auditions will be held on Thursday, August 18 between 9:00 AM and 2:40 PM.  

How can auditions be scheduled: 

Students are asked to view the audition schedule and then follow the directions on the Google Sheet. The document will then be updated to reflect confirmed audition times.

Who must audition: 

All music majors, music minors, community college students and community members wishing to participate in the Jazz Collective.

All CSUB students wishing to receive a scholarship to play in any jazz ensemble, or hoping to receive studio jazz instruction in years 3 and 4 of their studies.

What does the audition consist of:

Audition Excerpts

Gato Rayado (mm. 1-37)

Gravy (AKA Walkin') (mm. 1-19)

Tangerine (mm. 1-33)

Brief sight-reading excerpt

Improvisation on a B-flat Blues (concert pitch, two choruses with a play-a-long CD)

A solo performance of a jazz standard (All the Things You Are, Blue Bossa, My One and Only Love, There Will Never Be Another You, etc.) (from The Real Book, or some other standard repertoire book)

The auditions will be a maximum of 12 minutes each.  The audition is weighted heavily toward the repertoire excerpts, which will begin the audition.

The results will be posted on the band room door (Music Building, room 128) no later than August 19. 

The purpose of the audition is to place each student in the most appropriate place in our jazz program. Some students will be asked to perform in Jazz Combos, some will be admitted into the Jazz Collective, some will have the opportunity to do both. Students asked to perform in the Jazz Collective will be asked to make a one-year commitment to the group unless special considerations are addressed with the Director prior to the audition time.

The prepared excerpt will allow the adjudicator to hear the level of the musician when they can prepare select passages of a piece of music.

The sight-reading portion will allow the adjudicator to hear the level of the musician when they begin to learn a piece of music.  

The B-flat blues improvisation allows the adjudicator to hear the improvisational skills of the musician.

The prepared solo performance of a jazz standard allows the adjudicatory to hear the musician do what they believe they do best.  

Audition materials: Excerpts

Alto Sax

Tenor Sax

Bari Sax