Graduating Math Class Survey

Please take a few moments to complete the Graduating Math Class Survey.


1. What is the Concentration of your B.S. degree in Mathematics?
Teaching Credential

2. Age at projected graduation?
20-24        30-34        40-44
25-29        35-39        45 and over


3. Gender?


4. Racial or ethnic group?
American Indian           Other Hispanic          Filipino
Black, Non-Hispanic    Asian                         Other
Mexican American       Pacific Islander         Decline to state
White, Non-Hispanic


5. How many upper division (300 and above) mathematics courses will you have taken at graduation?


6. How many quarters of the calculus sequence (Math 201 (211), 202 (212), 203, 204, 205, 222) did you complete at CSUB?


7. After graduation, what are you career plans?
Job- Math related        Grad School- M.S.       Teaching Credential
Job- Math unrelated     Grad School- Ph.D.      None


8. If you could start college over, would you choose the same major?
Definitely Yes         Probably No        Undecided
Probably Yes         Definitely No


Many factors determine the quality of an academic program.  Please rate the degree of your satisfaction on the following factors. 











Compared with other faculty at CSUB, how would you rate the mathematics faculty?







To help us improve the quality of the major, we would appreciate your comments to the following questions.  Please be as specific as possible.