Prospective Students

Mathematics is a unique, valuable, exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding science. We provide a collection of mathematics courses designed to challenge and stimulate all open minded and thoughtful students by combining flexibility, applicability, and historical perspective. Depth of understanding and appreciation are not sacrificed to quantity; major emphasis is upon inquiry, creativity, methods, techniques, and thought processes. Job perspectives and salaries are better than in other disciplines.

The goal of our program is to discover both the importance and beauty of mathematics by combining lectures with other workable approaches to learning. A student is encouraged to interpret and communicate mathematically with others, to follow self direction and in depth study, and to investigate relations between mathematical concepts. A professor acts as a resource person, providing necessary feedback.

The number of students in each of the classes needed for the major is small, implying that students receive more attention from faculty than in other universities. Students have big study rooms, open most of the time. These rooms have writing boards, books and the most advanced technology, such as WiFi and computer terminals. The Department sends students to local mathematics congresses twice during the academic year. There is a math student club involved in diverse activities. And most important: faculty always have their doors open to help students anytime.

Upon completion of any mathematics course, students are better equipped to participate in a highly technological, scientifically complex environment.

With the completion of a mathematics major, a student, depending upon the choice of upper division courses, may pursue: (1) a career or advanced studies in the mathematical sciences; (2) a career in teaching; (3) graduate studies leading to an advanced degree in pure mathematics, (4) a career or advanced studies in in economics or (4) a career or advanced studies in in statistics. Again, job perspectives and salaries are better than in other disciplines.

Choosing a college and a career is an important choice. If you enjoy mathematics, we will challenge your mind. If you have additional questions, please see the Chair of the department, call the Chair  (661-654-2031) or send me an email to racz at csub dot edu. In the meantime, please continue navigating through our webpage or visit us in Facebook.  Please visit our Academic Programs and our Departmental Information page for more details.

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