Placement Exams


The ALEKS Precalculus and Calculus Placement exam is offered through Placement, Preparation and Learning Modules. The proctored exam is now available online 24/7 through a proctoring service called Respondus, automatically integrated with Aleks. Respondus is free for students until June 17th, 2020. After June 17th, 2020 a one-time additional $5.00 fee will be required to take an Aleks proctored exam.

You will need:

- A computer (online proctoring service currently not available on Chromebooks)
- A webcam
- A microphone

To register for your placement exam, please go to, click on sign up new student, and use the class code C3NKN-9LEVK .

Registration fee for Aleks is $20 and payable by credit card upon registration.

Before taking the proctored exam you are required to register and take on your own time the online assessment. If you do not place in the course of your choice you are encouraged to explore the modules to improve your score. The cost includes the five placement exam attempts over 12-months, access to personalized Prep and Learning modules for 6-months. Keep in mind that you will be able to take only one online assessment before the proctored exam. Only your score from the proctored exam will be used in your placement.

Required Proctored Password: SPRINGMATH2023

For your proctored exam you will need:

- Your student ID
- Two blank pieces of paper
- Pencil

You will be provided with an on-screen calculator, no other calculator will be allowed.

Failing to follow online proctoring requirements, CSUB will be authorized to count your proctored exam NOT valid for placement.


Cut Score (%)

Range (%)

Course Placement

≥ 60%


MATH 1209 - Statistics in the Modern World

MATH 1050 - Precalculus I

≥ 65%


MATH 1040 - Precalculus I and II Combined

≥ 70%


MATH 1060 - Precalculus II

MATH 2010 - Calculus for Biological and Chemical Sciences

≥ 80%


MATH 2510- Calculus I

MATH 2310- Calculus I for Engineers


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