What is the purpose of the CSUB Judo Club?

The purpose of the Judo Club is to expose CSUB students to Japanese culture, to instruct students in self-defense/awareness techniques that may save their lives, and to continue Professor Jigaro Kano's philosophy of mutal benefit and welfare. Our award-winning team attends many tournaments throughout the year, which benefit the team members and the overall program by allowing us to use on the mat skills that we have learned in our classroom. Our goals include expanding our team, working with the campus and community to instruct self-defense/awareness techniques, and continuing our social network that benefits all club members.

Under whose authority does the CSUB Judo Club operate?

The CSUB Judo Club operates under the authority of the Bakersfield Judo Club, which is a member of the United States Judo Federation (USJF) and Chuka Yudankashai. Head Sensei of the Bakersfield Judo Club is Kinya Sakamoto (7th Dan).

Who started the club?

The CSUB Judo Club was founded in 1972 by Dr. Michael Flachmann who is currently Head Sensei of our club, Director of the CSUB HAWK Honors Program and a Fifth Degree Black Belt.

Who are the Judo Club members, and what type of activities do they participate in?

When a student enrolls in the class, he/she is automatically considered a member of the Judo Club. How active the student is within the club depends entirely upon each person. The club is extremely diverse in its membership: men, women, and people of all ages, majors, races, and ethic groups take part in club actives and events.

Members generally participate in the local tournaments, quarterly parties, club fairs, fundraisers, and self-defense clinics.

How do I enroll in the class?

You should enroll in PEAK 173A (Tuesday class) and PEAK 173B (Thursday class). The CRNs can be obtained from the current class catalog or found online under the Physical Education and Kinesiology section. Students who to sign up for both sessions will gain two units for each quarter. If the class is full, just come to the first class session to see if you can be added in.

Must I enroll in both classes?

You do not have to enroll in both classes; however, it is to your benefit to attend both classes. You must be enrolled in at least one class to attend class sessions.

What must I purchase for the class?

You may purchase a Judo gi (Judo uniform) from the Bakersfield Judo Club (our parent organization). The cost to purchase a gi is $36 for all sizes. Information on purchasing a Judo gi will be given out during the first week of class.

If you prefer, you may borrow a Judo gi from a friend. Over 120 CSUB students take the class during each academic year, so you should have no problems locating one to borrow or purchase at a discounted price.

Can I use a gi from other martial arts?

No. Judo is a grappling sport, which necessitates a double weave gi. Gis from other martial arts, such as karate, tear easily and are not suited for the sport of Judo.

What do I wear until I purchase a gi?

Dress comfortably in sweats and a t-shirt. No socks or shoes will be allowed on the mat. Remove all jewelry before class.

Are there any other costs?

If you are taking the class principally to learn Judo, there are no other mandatory costs.

If you are a competitor, you will need to pay United States Judo Federation (USJF) membership costs. This is $50 yearly. The USJF membership is good for one year from the payment date. You will sign up as a member of the Bakersfield Judo Club, which is a member of the Chuka Yudankashai.

What about tournament entry fees?

Fees run $15-20 per tournament. Cost of travel, accommodations, and meals are not included.

What are the requirements for competition?

  1. At least two quarters of Judo and/or permission of a sensei.
  2. Knowledge of tournament rules.
  3. Payment of USJF.
  4. Be in shape.

Since you are representing our dojo, the CSUB Judo Club is responsible for making sure that you are ready to compete. The senseis will not allow you to compete until they are confident that you understand Judo rules, have randori experience in the classroom, and, most importantly, know how to take a fall correctly. The first few weeks of Judo class will concentrate on teaching students how to fall. Even advanced judokas must participate in regular falling practice.

What if I don't want to compete? Can I still be in the Club and help out at tournaments?

Absolutely! No one is required to compete. You earn class credit by attending class and gain rank through tests of skill. We are in need of Club members who can help score and keep time at tournaments, organize fundraisers, and know how to have fun.

How do I gain rank?

There are two ways to gain in rank. One is through going to tournaments and competing against others from nearby dojos. This is by far the most popular option and often results in the fastest promotion time. The second option is to complete and pass the tests set at each rank.

The great thing about Judo is that your rank is recognized anywhere in the world. The rank you gain here at CSUB will be honored at any other dojo you visit!

What if I get hurt? Am I covered by the university?

No. You must have your own Health Insurance or be are able to pay for injuries that may occur during practice. We rarely have injuries, but it is always best to be prepared.

What if I am not a CSUB student, but want to learn Judo?

You must be enrolled in the class to practice at the university. If you are not a student, we recommend that you visit the Bakerfield Judo Club

Questions? Email Judo@csub.edu