Student Services

Classrooms as meeting rooms
Use our classrooms as meeting rooms for on campus student clubs and organizations. Bakersfield has 4 rooms with seating capacity's of 70, 40, 30, and 18 people. Anteleope Valley has 3 rooms with seating capacities of 40, 40, and 20 people. The facilities can be used on thier own or you can expand to include the connected campus to have live discussions. For more details or to reserve a room, have your coordinator contact Academic Scheduling.

Research Assistance
Are you taking a class from a remote site and need help doing library research? If yes, check this out!

Library Research Help

Campus Resources
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Special Circumstances and Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)
ITV makes every effort to work with faculty and student services to ensure you can receive the best education possible. If you have any questions or special requirements please ask ITV staff so we can assist you with meeting your needs.