General Information

Courses Offered At Remote Sites
CSUB serves a vast number of students throughout Kern County and beyond. To reach you, the remote student, without requiring you to come to the CSUB campus in Bakersfield, ITV broadcasts interactive courses to remote sites on closed circuit TV. How does this work? CSUB partners with community colleges and through a network system provided by the CSU and the Community College District, delivers upper division courses and courses for specific majors to various remote sites.

If you are taking CSUB courses at a remote site you are no different from the student taking the class in Bakersfield -- you are just farther away. You can see and hear everything that happens in the classroom, and you can answer questions and be seen by the instructor and the other students in class. Cameras at the Bakersfield studio and cameras at the remote sites connect you visually, while a two-way audio system connects your audio interaction. Our satellite campus is the Antelope Valley Campus.

The benefits to enrolling in an ITV live-interaction course at one of our remote locations include:
  • Saving time
  • Saving money
  • Reduce wear on vehicles
  • More time with family and friends