General Class Recording

As part of our agreement with the Antelope Valley campus we make our best effort to record all transmitted classes in case of network failure. In the event of a technical failure these recordings exist to give the Antelope Valley students means of watching missed class content.

We maintain these recordings for two weeks unless otherwise requested by the faculty member conducting the class. Upon faculty request a special web page with special credentials can be created to allow thier students to view all past classes for the term as a study aid. Access information to this requested service is only given to the faculty member in charge of the class. ITV staff will not give this information directly to students with the exception of an in class announcement by faculty request.

Due to limited storage capacity all requests to preserve the term recordings must be made before finals begin. All recordings are otherwise deleted at the conclusion of the last day of finals.

Studio Recording Services

ITV offers recording services for classes and BlackBoard Video content. Our agreement with Antelope Valley includes recording of your ITV courses. This is to insure that should the connection not be possible, the AV students would not miss out on course material. As a result these recordings are available to be viewed online after each meeting if you elect the service.

  • -Online Web Viewing

Web videos are not  a guaranteed service and should be treated as an additional study aid provided to your students. Videos typically take up to 2 business days to be posted to the web page. A list of courses with the video web page for your course can be found at

All videos are password protected and are not posted on the web page until activated. To enable viewing for your students you must contact ITV Staff and request the videos be made available.  An activation request can be made by replying to this email ( When the request has been received I will issue you the login information. Posted videos are destroyed at the end of each quarter and non-requested recordings are only stored for 2 weeks due to limited space.  

Access information will be provided to you after processing your request. All videos requested may not be available until the second week of classes.

  • -BlackBoard Video Recording

ITV offers Blackboard Video Recording services. These videos are not limited to ITV courses. We can help convert DVD’s, movie clips, prerecorded lectures and more. If there is a video you would like to add to the campus BlackBoard Streamer we can add it for you. If you are interested in this service call ITV staff at  654-6700.