Accessible Web Publishing Wizard

Using Accessible Web Publishing Wizard is another easy way to make your PowerPoint presentation on the web accessible. The Wizard allows you to easily develop three different versions of your PowerPoint presentations-a text-only version, a text with minimal graphics version and a text with full graphics version-that can be perceived by all users in any browser.

  1. First, you need to download and install this wizard on your computer. After you have successfully installed the plug-in, you will see one more save as option named "Save as Accessible Web Page" under the file menu of your PowerPoint program.
  2. Next, open the PowerPoint presentation which you want to work with. Once your PowerPoint file is fully loaded, choose "Save as Accessible Web Page" under the file menu. This will prompt your Export Wizard, click "Next", and then the Export Wizard will guide you through the rest of steps.
  3. Provide text description for the images or graphics. For decorative image, you are required to provide a brief description. For decorative image (No Description), you can provide either nothing or just decoration. For informative image, you need to provide a long and good description for the image.
  4. If you choose chart, it will prompt you to enter the title, summary, number of rows and columns.
  5. Background color: When you choose a background color, make sure you have a good color contrast. For example, do not choose "White" as your background color if your text font color is light.
  6. Output Option: There are several output options for you to choose, but it is recommended that you select "Text Only" and "Graphical" as output formats at a minimum.
  7. At last, save your work and you are done.