Startup with LecShare

LecShare is a conversion tool, which can be used to convert PowerPoint file to accessible HTML for the web. Before you do the conversion, it is wise to do or prepare something on the original PowerPoint slides. If you use images on your slides, you should add alt text to the images. If you use chart, think about using the built-in features in PowerPoint to create chart other than importing from other program. Since LecShare still has some limitations, it cannot convert slide animations and transitions, animated graphics, audio/video embedded in the slides, specialized symbols (math, science, etc.) into accessible HTML file for the web.

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation in LecShare. If you forget to save your work, do not worry, LecShare will give a kind reminder to let you save your work.
  2. There are three parts in the editor window of LecShare, which are slide view for a preview of the current selected slide, accessibility view for every item on a slide and any accessibility information associated with it, and slide tray for all of the slides in the presentation plus a summary of any accessibility errors.
  3. Accessibility Check window consists of two sections; the one on the left is the slide item broken into several small fractions, and the one on the right is the corresponding accessibility checks.
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