Repair and Edit

There are several major items we should consider while processing the repair and edit for accessibility. This includes but not limited to images, autoshapes, charts and tables, slide titles, etc.

  1. Images: There are three types of alternative texts for the images and they are alt tag, long description and null string. Alt tag can be used for short description for the image, long description is for a detail, long description, and null string is just for decoration purpose without conveying any information.
  2. Autoshape: it is combination of text and image as one item presented on the slide. To edit an autoshape is very similar to editing an image.
  3. Charts and tables: caption/summary and header are two primary factors that affect the accessibility for a table. Checking the box "Headers properly assigned" tells LecShare that you have manually confirmed that headers are set correctly. Charts must be presented as a data table. LecShare will automatically convert charts created in Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint to a data table.
  4. Editing slide titles: In the bottom row of the Slide Tray, LecShare Pro will show you if the title for each slide has any errors. To edit the titles single-click on the bottom row of the Slide Tray. This will bring up the Slide Title editor. To edit a slide title, click once to select the slide to edit, and then click again to bring up a cursor to edit the title.
  5. Changing the order of slide items: LecShare Pro allows you to change the order items on a slide are read by screen readers and non-graphical browsers. The order in which the items are listed in the left column is the order in which the items will be presented. To change the order select an item and then press either the "Up" or "Down" button.
  6. LecShare allows you to record and manipulate audio in a number of ways by either recording slide by slide on LecShare Pro or importing from PowerPoint if you have LecShare Pro installed on your computer. Unfortunately LecShare Lite does not have this feature now.
  7. LecShare Pro also allows you to synchronize your audio and slide content. It is usually used after importing audio from an external file so that the slides can be synced with the audio. Note: Mac only.

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