Accessibility with Cascade Server

Cascade Server is a web content management system which provides WYSIWYG editing capabilities. Keep accessibility in mind, Cascade server allows users to create some accessible web contents in the system to comply with Section 508.

Built-in Accessible Features

Accessible Headings:

  • Cascade Server provides accessible heading style (heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3...) to create semantic structure for the web content. Do remember, put your Heading 1 in the field after Column Header.  The Heading 1 is the default heading which users cannot change any format of this Heading 1, like color, font size, font style, etc.  Do not create your own Heading 1 in the main content by choosing Heading 1 under Format  because this will duplicate the heading 1 and leave the default Heading 1 blank. 
  • After Heading 1, select heading 2 to heading 6 to build up the semantic structure of web content. Web pages should be structured in a hierarchical manner (H1 to H6) without skipping the heading levels.
  • Do not use text formatting, such as font size or bold to give the visual appearance of headings - use actual heading.

Add Alt Text for any Non-Text elements:

  • Put the alt texts for non-text elements such as image, picture, photo, etc
  • Validate that the alt text does not contain the text: .jpg, .gif, .jpeg, .png
  • Validate that the alt text does not use the text "image"
  • Validate that the alt text is great than 6 and less than 81 characters in length

Accessible Table:

  • Choose Table caption option and will allow to insert the caption of the table later.
  • Put the text description of the table in the field of Summary under Advanced tab.
  • Right-click on the table cell and choose Table cell properties.
    • Choose Header or Data after Cell Type.
    • Select Column or Row after Scope.
  • Split large complex and complicated table into small simple tables.
  • Do not use headings in the table.

Provide Viewer or Reader for Non-HTML documents (if sites are not in WCMS):

Make your link text descriptive:

  • Incorrect text link: If you want to learn more information about CSU Bakersfield, please click here.
  • Correct text link: Please find more information about CSU Bakersfield.
  • Avoid using nondescriptive link text, such as Click here, Read more, etc.

Avoid using two or more links to different resources with the same text.

  • Same text link must go to the same destination.
  • Different text link must go to the different destination.

Avoid using any flashing, animation elements, etc.

  • These elements are very difficult for people with visual impairment.
  • These elements are also a barrier for people with mobility disability.

Check Advanced Options:

  • Check spelling
  • Check accessibility
  • Check for broken links


  • Not allow to create form
  • Need extra html coding for some elements to be accessible, such as iframe tag.
  • Check accessibility option is for basic check only.