Cyber attack in the news October 21, 2016

What's Happening

A cyber-attack began this morning on DYN, a company that provides Internet services for many websites, mostly causing webpage outages and slowness for many DYN customers such as: Netflix, Twitter, Shopify, Etsy, Spotify, Box, New York Times, Amazon and Github to name a few. The first problem began at approximately 7am EST and then again at 12n EST. Most services have been restored or may continue to be restored.
CSUB websites have not been impacted.

What This Means

You may not have been able to reach various external websites or those websites you normally view may be very slow to respond.

What You Need To Do

Patience is key, allowing websites that you visit regularly the time to restore services that may have been impacted.

Getting Help and Additional Information

Make contact with your service organization if you continue to have problems with your website services. To view any services that may be down or slow, the following website seems to be helpful: .


Again, CSUB websites were not impacted. 

Changes to the Help Desk phone system - October 7, 2016

The help desk transitioned from the current phone system to the new AT&T VoIP implementation on the evening of Wednesday, October 12, 2016. The change will only effect how the calls to the help desk are handled on the back end and your experience should remain the same, including calling extension 2307 or 4357 (HELP) to open a ticket. The Help Desk will be the first system on campus to utilize the new telecom technology and it will lead the way for other departments to also transition at a later date. Some of the changes that the ITS department will benefit from include better reporting and call management which will lead the way to providing insight into how to provide better support.

Eduroam wifi - July 19, 2016

Eduroam allows CSUB students, staff, and faculty to login to wifi on campus, and at hundreds of other participating institutions around the world. Visit our Wifi Access page for more information


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