The RunnerCard is the student ID card, library card, health-services card, copying/printing card, Student Rec Center card and food service card. It provides you with a picture and a nine-digit identification number that is printed on the front of the card, along with a bar code. Your Social Security number is not on the card, nor is it in the magnetic strip on the back. When a student enrolls at CSUB and pays fees, he or she may obtain a RunnerCard by visiting the Runner ID Card (Photo ID) office located in lower level of the Walter Stiern Library, Room 1B.

Debit card

The RunnerCard serves as a campus debit card, with a limit of $300. You will be able to purchase goods and services at various campus outlets simply by swiping the card through a magnetic-strip reader. The computer keeps track of your card’s balance. You may add money to your card at the cashier's office or the Automatic Deposit Machines (ADM’s) located in the library on the Lower Level and 2nd Floor. Money can be desposited on to the RunnerCard according to Fiscal Services’ established methods. Once the payment has been made cashiering has to move the balance to the RunnerCard system.

Dining Dollars

The RunnerCard can also be load with money that can be used only at Aramark facilities (Dining Dollars). Questions about depositing money, Dining Dollars balance inquiries, or meal plan purchases should be directed to the Food Service team.


With the RunnerCard, your money is safe. No one else can use your card once you report it lost. As soon as you report it lost, your old card is deactivated so that only you have access to the cash via your new card. It costs $5 to replace the first time you lose it, $10 the second time and thereafter.


Treat your RunnerCard as you would any bank issued credit or debit card. Keep your RunnerCard away from all magnetic fields that may demagnetize or decode your card. Do not punch holes, bend or scratch the card.

RunnerCard Office

Location:  lower level of the Walter Stiern Library, Room 1B
Phone:  (661) 654-2009
7 -10 Monday - Thursday,
7 - 5 Friday,
Closed Saturday, 
11 - 7 Sunday
Closed during Summer.