Client Services Forms

Client Services forms are available for common requests, such as department shares, photo identification, computer back ups, and the Work-At-Home Software program.  Please use the links below to access the appropriate forms. For your convenience, the links are listed in alphabetical order.

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Computer Backup

Department Shared Folders

Department Share Access (V: Drive)

Department share drive

The File Share Access Manager web page allows each department to make share access changes without contacting the Help Desk. Each department has a designated person to manage access to their share folder. If a departmen needs to add or change the department desegnee, submit a Share Folder Access Designee form. If you need access to a department share, please contact the department in question.

File Share Access Manager

New Main Folder Request

To request a new main folder or change the name of an existing folder on the V drive, please call the Help Desk at 661-654-2307.  When you contact the Help Desk, please let them know the folder name, the designee that will manage folder access, and the new folder's owner (ie. MPP/Dean/VP).

Note: Subfolders should be created by the department using Windows Explorer.

New Group Request

File Share Access Manager Designees can request new access groups for main and subfolders. For example, if you have a new or existing subfolder that needs to be limited to a few people instead of the entire department (the default), you may request a new group be created. To request a new group, contact the Help Desk at 661-654-2307.  When you contact the Help Desk, please specify the folder name, it's location (or path) on the V drive, and the type of access the group(s) needs, such as Read or Read/Write.

New Employee Resource/Systems Access Checklist

Photo ID Forms

Work at Home Software

The CSU licensing agreement with Microsoft permits current CSUB staff and faculty to install one copy of covered programs on a home computer.  This agreement is limited to faculty and staff only, who are the primary user of the home computer. Additionally, the software must be used for work-related purposes.

Work-At-Home Software Basics

Under this program, you will receive a CD with the selected software.  To defray costs associated with producing the CDS, you will pay a nominal fee for software. To participate in the Work-At-Home Software Program,

Work-At-Home Software

The software covered currently under the program.

Work-At-Home Program
Software Programs Fees
Office 2013 Professional Plus (PC/Windows) $5.27
Office 2011 Standard (Mac/OS X) $5.25
Windows 7 Professional 32-bit $4.70
Windows 7 Unlimited 64-bit $4.41
Windows 8 Professional 64-bit $5.26

Work-At-Home Form

The form required for participation in the program.

Work-At-Home Software