Email Policy

Policy Effective Date:    05/14/2015
Implements:                   Audit Report 14-52, Audit Finding #10 Email Policy
Document Title:             Email Policy.docx
Author:                           Kal Shenoy, Interim Assistant Vice President of Information Technology Services (ITS)
File Location:                 ITS

The purpose of this Electronic mail (Email) policy is to address the ownership of University email in relation official business records as well as the description for retention of deleted email.

Email Policy
Email messages on University email systems are owned by the campus and may be considered official business records. Deleted emails are not retained for any specific amount of time and may not be recoverable. University email systems are not considered an archive for retention purposes.

A special thank you to the Information Security Work Group who is responsible for assisting the University Information Security Officer with developing and issuing information security policies, procedures and standards to the campus community. The ISWG includes Kal Shenoy, Sue Rivera, Chris Diniz, Mike Fleming, Joe Nailor, Kenton Miller, Tem Moore, Brian Chen, and Don David. A special thank you to Hernando Mondragon Jr., Email Administrator, for his support to complete this audit finding.