Project Management

Q.    What is Project Management?

A.    A Project is Unique in delivering specific service or product, and is temporary with definite set of start & end dates, resources and requirements.  Project Management is application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques in achieving project goals and objectives.  You can find additional information here.

Q.    Where can I find more information?

A.    The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project management profession.  They conduct research, propose & maintain globally recognized project management standards and provides certification programs in the field of project management.

Q.    How can I get trained in Project Management?

A.    University employees can attend self-paced project management training through CSU Systemwide Professional Development:

Q.    How can I request a project with ITS team? 

A.    Please complete the “Project charter request form” under “Project Management forms”  from ITS forms page

Q.    I am currently managing a project.  What templates are available for me, as Project Manager?

A.    The following two reports are created for team benefit and are documented in this document: Project Docs Templates.pdf

  • Status Report Template:   For helping project manager to report status, as well as request for approvals. 
  • Action Items Template:   For helping PM to document and track action items. 

Q.    What information do I need to be provide to include in the PMO list of projects?

A.   In order to include in the PMO project list, minimal essential project information list is identified and documented in this document: Project Docs Templates.pdf.