Overview of the Committee


The intent of the Information Technology Committee (ITC) is to be a working group as chartered by and reporting to the Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC). Committee members shall be actively engaged in contributing knowledgeable perspectives regarding information technology needs, opportunities, and capabilities to the work of the committee; and engaged in active listening, communications, and collaboration. The primary focus is to establish and sustain the Information Technology (IT) Roadmap for the University and make recommendations to the ITAC consistent thereto. 


The purpose of the ITC is to support the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in creating and sustaining a best in class IT operating environment that: addresses the university-wide academic and administrative technology needs and forward-thinking opportunities; provides the IT Roadmap and related prioritization for the future in alignment with the University strategic plan; and manages customer service expectations and communications consistent with allocated resources and in support of the mission, vision, values and strategic plan of California State University, Bakersfield by championing IT: 

1. Services, infrastructure and equipment 

2. Staffing and professional development 

3. Support and training opportunities to university-wide end users 


The objectives of the ITC are to make IT recommendations to the ITAC that: 

1. Identify needs/opportunities 

2. Address security, risk and compliance related to such needs/opportunities 

3. Ensure needs/opportunities are in alignment with the IT Roadmap 

4. Establish/reaffirm needs/opportunities policies and procedures as appropriate 

5. Define needs/opportunities implementation timelines 

6. Determine needs/opportunities resource costs required to fulfill the recommendation(s) 


The membership of ITC shall consist of the following, or their respective designee: 

1. Chief Information Officer (Chair) – Faust Gorham

2. Chief Information Security Officer – Sue Rivera (Interim Security Lead) 

3. Director of Academic Operations and Support – John Dirkse 

4. Director of Instructional Development – Charlene Hu 

5. Faculty Representative – Arts & Humanities – Mary Slaughter 

6. Faculty Representative – Business & Public Administration – Yong Choi 

7. Faculty Representative – Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering – Steve Garcia 

8. Faculty Representative – Social Sciences and Education – Josh Miller 

9. Library Representative – Ying Zhong 

10. Associated Students, Inc. Executive Vice President – Mariela Gomez

11. Director of ITS Enterprise Applications – Brian Chen (non-voting)

12. Director of ITS Infrastructure Services – Chris Diniz (non-voting)

13. Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management – Jacqueline Mimms 

14. Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment – Kris Krishnan 

15. Associate Vice President for Grants, Research and Sponsored Programs – Imeh Ebong 

16. Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Administrative Services – Kellie Garcia 

17. Associate Vice President for Student Affairs – Jim Drnek

18. Associate Vice President for Financial Services and University Controller – Queen King 

Membership notes

The ITC shall identify an academic technology representative and administrative technology representative who, along with the CIO and CSO, shall be ex-officio members of the ITAC. 

Meeting Schedules 

The meetings of the ITC shall be at least calendar quarterly, with additional meetings scheduled as requested by the ITC Chair. 

Revised 10/26/15 (names updated 5/9/17)