Hearing Impaired Access

The University is sensitive to the needs of the community and as such, provides many ways to access Campus information and services. This page deals primarily with access for the hearing impaired.

Any University Department can be called using the California Relay Service (CRS). CRS provides specially trained operators to relay telephone conversations back and forth between people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-disabled and all those they wish to communicate with by telephone. More information about CRS can be found at http://www.ddtp.org/california_relay_service/

Several Campus Departments have TDDs and anyone with TDD equipment can dial these departments directly. These departments are:

  • Campus Police (661) 654-6054
  • Service for Students with Disabilities (661) 654-6288
  • Human Resources (661) 654-6051
  • Library (661) 654-6055
  • Anelope Valley Branch (661) 654-5012

There are several payphones with TDD equipment on Campus for those people who wish to place a TDD call. They can be found at: The Bus Stop; the Library; the Student Administration Building; the west side of Dorothy Donahoe Hall.

Another means of contacting Campus Departments and personnel is by searching the Campus Directory and E-Mailing the Department or individual.