CSUB Visual Identity Guide

"Be Brilliant. Belong. Be CSUB."

Our university visual identity guide offers a set of standards that utilizes regular graphic symbols, fonts and colors to unite all university marketing and communications, including print, electronic, display, broadcast and web media formats.

This basic guide is designed to:

  • Connect all areas of the university by providing unified visual content.

  • Expand public awareness of the university through a consistent and easily recognizable brand image.

  • Enhance student recruitment and foster alumni and donor support.

  • Maintain precise and consistent production of campus marks by departments, vendors and designers.

Our School Colors
(Blue & Gold)


  • CMYK:
    100 75 0 6
  • HEX:
  • RGB:
    0 53 148


  • CMYK:
    0 23 91 0
  • HEX:
  • RGB:
    255 198 41

Tagline and Key Messages

"Be Brilliant. Belong. Be CSUB."

As a way of providing individual brand identity for each of the university’s four schools, the following statements may also be used:

  • Majors that work. (Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering)
  • Majors that make a difference. (Social Sciences & Education)
  • Majors that matter. Arts & Humanities
  • Majors that mean business. Business & Public Administration

Please avoid using "CAL STATE"

Logo Overview

Primary and Vertical Logos

Primary logo and vertical logo

Commercial University Logos

Commercial university logos

Commercial University Logos on Dark Background

When placed on dark background, these logos must have white strokes

The logo is the university seal accompanied by the logotype "CSU Bakersfield." The seal and type should be blue, and the type ortion cannot be used without the seal. There are color variations available for different design options. This logo should appear on all official communications.
For advertising and promotional purposes, a more dynamic logo is available. The target audience and familiarity with the university should be considered when selecting the most appropriate option.
Color options are very clearly defined and should not be altered in any way. The official university colors are Pantone Blue 661 C and Pantone Yellow 116 C.

Unacceptable Logo Treatments

Do not use CSU Bakersfield without seal

Do not use CSU Bakersfield without seal

Do not pixelate

Do not pixelate

Do not change color

Do not change color

Do not distort

Do not distort

Do not change typeface

Do not change typeface

Do not add stroke

Do not add stroke

Any logos with mascot body should not be used.

Logos with Mascot Body

Correct mascothead:

Logos with Mascot Head

Mascothead must have white outline when used on a dark background.

Logo Use for
School/Center and Division Signatures

Currently, the only approved signatures are:

  • School of Arts and Humanities
  • School of Business and Public Administration
  • School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering
  • School of Social Sciences and Education
  • Academic Affairs
  • CSUB Antelope Valley
  • Business and Administrative Services
  • Extended University Division
  • Office of the President
  • Student Affairs
  • University Advancement
  • Walter W. Stiern Library

Signatures may not be used with the vertical version of the logo.

Creation of unique department, division, or program logos must be approved by Nancy O'Kane: nokane@csub.edu

CSU Bakersfield: Academic Affairs CSU Bakersfield: School of Arts and Humanities CSU Bakersfield: School of Social Sciences and Education

Examples of division logos

These guidelines are more than just a list of rules about colors, fonts and logos—they effectively create a strong, unified institutional identity. If you need to produce a publication but don’t have training or experience, feel free to contact our Campus’ Printshop (printshop@csub.edu) for assistance.

If you need high-resolution logo files, please contact the Printshop.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Public Affairs Department at csubpublicaffairs@csub.edu